Bike Accessories

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The following used bike accessories are available. Pickup at seller's apartment. Contact using KakaoTalk ID: 'shiraun'

Abus Bike Chain: ₩15,000 negotiable.

  • helps with bike theft or can use it to lock seat down to your bike. 

Comfy Bike Seat: ₩15,000 negotiable.

Pinhead Locking Skewers & Seat Lock with Matching Key: ₩20,000 negotiable.

  • prevents wheel and bike seat theft
  • original price: $65USD 

Shimano Hybrid Clip Pedals: ₩25,000 negotiable. 

  • one side of the pedal is for clip shoes, the other side is a regular  pedal. 
  • original price: $85USD

Bike Handle Stem Bag: ₩10,000 negotiable.

  • perfect for attaching your phone to your bike for tracking your workout or viewing GPS while riding

Bike Trunk Bag: ₩15,000 negotiable.

  • Perfect for bike camping: detachable and attaches to rear rack, can hold a small amount of groceries or a spare pair of shoes. Detachable shoulder strap for ease of carrying around.

Bike Seat Stem: ₩25,000 negotiable. 

Total Price: ₩100,000. If you buy everything in the last picture I will reduce this to 80,000 and include the cargo net (black net with red hooks) for free.