Apartment Sale (Part 2)

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Apartment Sale

Message me at 010 seven six three four 5514

I couldn't upload all the photos so message for more pictures. 

Tarab Longboard, only used a few months. Original Price 600,000, selling for 350,000.

Longboard, Well Used, 20,000 (use for parts or as a cruiser or starting board)

Rainbow Paintings Set, 10,000

Small Brown Shelves, 5,000 Each

Large White Shelves. 10,000 Each.

Britz Speakers, 10,000

Sofa Chair with storage, 20,000 (obo)

Small Lamp, 1000

Snowboard, 10,000

Ski/ Snowboard Goggles, 10,000

WineGlasses, 2000 each.

Pressure Cooker 5000.

Portable Monitor With Case E1659FWU | AOC Bought for 150,000. selling for 75,000.

Two Person Sofa. Brand Livart Ismine Duet Mono. Almost New. Original Price 500,000. Selling for 150,000.

Tall Bookcase. Docobean 1200 Multi Shelf. Condition Like new. Original Price 225,000. Selling for 125,000.

Christmas Tree and lots of Christmas decorations/ lights.

Small Copper Alarm Clock 1000

Copper Lamp. 10,000

Iron 5,000.