AIESEC in PNU - Come & Act Project

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AIESEC in PNU's Come & Act IVY Program

“Find Your Essence as Global Leader”

<Come & Act project>

- An online conference on understanding the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) NO.4: Quality Education, and fostering a global citizenship attitude through cross-cultural exchanges.

- Discussing global issues about Human rights/Environment/Education/Technology on behalf of their home countries.

- Recognizing global problems and building the ability to communicate and the mind of global citizenship.

- Providing opportunities to improve leadership, communication, and presentation skills.


<Main Activities>

- Prepare and conduct global citizenship education in charge of Human Rights, Environment, Education, or Technology.

- Give students(participants) your lectures and engage them to participate in the conference actively through Q&A, discussion, and activities.

- Participate in all sessions with sincerity and responsibility


<IVY Volunteers>

- Incoming Volunteer for Youth, or IVY is an initiative by AIESEC to engage more young people living in Korea to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

- AIESEC strives to deliver positive influences and changes in Korean society with IVY volunteers.


<IVY Application Process>

1. Fill out the project application form

2. Have an interview with the organizing committee members


<Detailed Schedule>

- Project preparation & realization: 7.11 (Welcoming Seminar) - 8.10 (Debrief)

- Conference Period: 08.01 ~ 08.10

- 08.01 (Mon) Day 1 Human Rights

- 08.02 (Tue) Day 2 Environment

- 08.04 (Thu) Day 3 Education

- 08.05 (Fri) Day 4 Technology

- 08.08 (Mon) Day 5 Cultural Exchange 08.09 (Tue) Day 6 Online Campaign


Would you be interested in being a part of Come & Act?

Fill out this interest form right now!


For more information, contact us!

- Project Executive: Baerim Jeon, Tel) 010-9594-1678 / E-mail) [email protected]

- Team Leader: Nayeong Kim, Tel) 010-4932-0293 / E-mail) [email protected]