9 Year Experienced Teacher from Canada

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Suyeong-gu, Busan

Hello, there.

I'm Justin. I'm a Canadian with 9 years experience teaching English in South Korea, mostly in the Busan area.


What I'm looking for:

I'm looking for a position starting after January 1st, 2023, in Busan, with afternoon/evening hours. Preference will given to academies closer to Suyeong, as I own an apartment here.

If you have something available, please, do not hesitate to contact me! 

As a teacher:

I am passionate, enthusiastic, positive, encouraging and empathetic. I am able to connect with students well, and make them feel comfortable/understood/noticed in class, making them enjoy their lessons to the fullest. In addition, I am sensitive and highly tuned in with students with different personalties and learning styles. I connect well with both introverted students, and extroverted students, making them both feel like they belong.

Experience as a teacher in Korea:

As an English teacher, I've taught everything in Korea from zero English ability to competitive debate classes, to high level conversation/academic writing/university entrance exams, etc. Also, a plethora of different students who were completely fluent in English (after living abroad for most of their lives) and wanted to practice high level conversational topics to keep their English skills sharp after returning to Korea.

Experienced as a teacher in Canada:

As a jazz and classical music teacher in CANADA: I have experience teaching all different age groups, from as young as 4 years old, to elders in their late 70s. I've taught professionals within my field of study, and also people with careers ranging all over the board - medical doctors, lawyers, engineers, computer scientists, etc. I've been involved in masterclasses with some of the world's best jazz musicians such as John Abercrombie, Jonathan Kriesberg, Ralph Bowen, Lorne Lofsky, and many more. I performed a Masterclass for Manhattan School of Music for acclaimed jazz guitarist Rodney Jones, who has performance with some of the greatest musical minds in history. Taught jazz and classical studio for 2 schools in Canada after my graduation, and directed an ensemble prior to Korea.

More information:

Please see my attached resume for more information.

I have reference letters available upon request.



And to answer some requests I've received... I am a white male, my ancestry is from Liverpool, England.


Warm regards,