2020 Korean Population and Housing Census

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What is the Population and Housing Census?

The Population and Housing Census surveys all Koreans and foreigners residing in Korea and also their housing. Similar censuses are conducted in most countries around the world. Foreign nationals having resided in Korea for three months or more are obligated to participate in the Census. The responses you provide will be strictly protected under the law and used solely for statistical purposes.

How to Participate in the Population and Housing Census?

<Online Census>

  • Access 2020 Population and Housing Census website
  • Click the green ‘Participate in the online Census’ button in the bottom
  • Enter the participation code
       *Your participation code will be sent to your home by mails
  • Mobile participation is also available

<Door-to-Door Interview>

  • If you did not or were unable to respond to the census online, census workers will visit your home

When to respond to the Population and Housing Census?

  • Online Census : 15th to 31st of October
  • Door-to-Door Interview : 1st to 18th of November

Is the data protected and kept safe?

Your responses to the census is strictly protected by Article 33(Protection of Secrets) of Statistics Act. Collected data will be used only to produce statistics.

The law ensures that your responses cannot be utilized against you by any government agency or court. Therefore, there will be no penalty imposed on undocumented immigrants for answering.

2020 Population and Housing Census

2020 人口住宅普查

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