1:1 private korean class in Busan

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Private lesson in Deokcheon.


Course 1. Conversation class (speaking) 

₩70,000 (for 4 times)

Course 2. Study with Korean children'sbook (reading, speaking, listenin, writhing)

₩80,000 (for 4 times)

Course 3. Grammar / TOPIK / KIIP

₩90,000 (for 4 times)


** You can pick the time for the lesson which except pin mark and X

** 55 minutes class

** You can choose between 4 times in a month and 8 times in a month.

(4 times in a month means 1 day in a week, and 8 times means 2 days in a week.)



Hi! I'm Wonnie.

I have new time table for the private classes!

The place for these lessons in Deokcheon(덕천), Busan.

If you need more info about these lessons, feel free to contact me :)



- Although the student late for the class, still finish on time.

- Payment is on the first day of lesson times.

- Class cancellation must be announced by the day before on the class day, and if canceled on the day, the class is considered.

- Announced by the day before on the class day lessons will have supplementary lessons after the last class.

(** You can postpone only 1 time which has supplementary lesson. After that, you can not postpone but just can cancel, which will not have any supplementary lesson.)


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Private Korean lesson (Conversation, Pronunciation, Writing etc)
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