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All around Korea and online using zoom or webex

My name is Benjamin and inam an F6 visa holder. I work with alot of recruiters that help me findnfreelance projects but three of them are particularly amazing and thisnperson, Sally, 김지윤, is one of the all time greats!

She works with people holding F6 Visas. Her email address is [email protected].  Send her your resume and in the introduction emailention you read about her from "Benjamin".

I have a pretty full schedule and recently she has been steadily offering me great new opportunities, sadly I don't have room in my schedule and feel horrible about not being able to help her and losing out on such great projects. 

I am sharing her with the f6 community for two reasons. I want to show appreciation to her for all she continues to do for me and give my f6 community this great resource you may not otherwise find out about. 

Among the many great things Sally does for me, besides exciting online projects with 1:1executives from cool companies,  short term intensive courses with major universities,  providing teaching resources and more....she offers gigs ranging in pay from 30,000 to 50,000 per hour. I have never had a project from her under 45,000 per hour. 

Trust in her. Shenhas opportunities now. Just email her fornonline and face to face opportunities. 


[email protected]