HELP! My school is trying to take my severance/flight money!


Long story short I was threated to be fired in May (4 months ago). But they didn't fire me and I kept working until now (august). Now I'm tryin to get my airfare and my severance and my boss said that I was officially fired in May so I can't get my airfare or my severance. 


Running partner needed in Yangsan or Nopo-dong or general Busan area

I am starting to train for a half -marathon this week.Would anyone like to join me for runs in the Yangsan area in the evening or early morning midweek? Also anyone want to go running in a good area to run anywhere in the Busan area on the weekend?

Let me know!


St Benedict’s Anglican English Retreat


Repeats every 7 days until Thu Aug 25 2011.
Friday, August 26, 2011 - 18:00

In partnership with The Order of St Benedict in Yangsan, bordering Busan and Ulsan, an Anglican English weekend retreat will be held in the beautifully secluded park-like grounds of St Benedict’s Convent from the evening of Friday 26 to Sunday 28 August.

The aim of the retreat is to gather the scattered expat English-speaking Anglicans of the area for a not to be missed opportunity for worship, education, and fellowship. However, we would also like to extend a warm welcome to other Christians to whom this would be meaningful.


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