사사야키 (Sasayaki) Yangsan


This great little Japanese ramen noodle place in Beomo-Ri serves 3 types of noodle dishes, Donkoch Ramen, Spicy Ramen and Cho-Sin Ramen as well as fried dumplings. They also sell Asahi (Japanese beer.)

If you’re feeling bold the Cho-Sin Ramen is very spicy but also delicious (so I’m told!)

Prices are very reasonable and they also have an English menu.

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Kokiri Farm & Factory


Kokiri (which means elephant in Korean) is, in my humble opinion, one of the best bars in Yangsan.

Located in Beomeo, Kokiri has a great selection of locally sourced craft beers and guest ales on tap, as well as a variety of international bottled beers. It’s a great place to unwind on a Friday night or any other night of the week.

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BoardGameGeeks, Attention Please! :)

Hello! The Haven is a boardgame & Foreign Teachers community cafe in Yangsan; which is in northern Busan area, Shindoshi right across from Emart. It has approximately 80 board games and there is an awesome deal of monthly memberships for unlimited time and games like a monthly membership is 40,000 won + Membership discount 10% on all purchases. If you’re such a huge fan of board games like me, why don’t you stop by and check them out.

Looking for Filipino Kali Training Partners

Looking for friends who like training. I started Hapkido a while ago and the gym is open to training for us and friends. I would like some training partners to have fun training with. It would be a mix of Filipino Kali/JKD/Muay Thai/BJJ. Fun with friends and sticks and stuff. Thank you for your interest.



2000 Matiz 120,000km 1.6 (+GPS) Yangsan (N. Busan, Line 2)

2000 Matiz Sports Edition (dark blue) Low 120,000 miles. I bought her with 116,000km/76,500mi. Below average body wear. Used basically as a motorized shopping cart. Can go 360km/225mi. (northern Busan to southern Seoul) on a tank of gas. Changed the tires (Feb ‘12). Had the starter and battery changed (May ‘12) and recently recharged the A/C. Recently passed a two-year inspection (Aug. ’12). Yearly taxes equal 40,000 won or possibly could be bi-annual. Insurance is super-cheap. A new driver without experience would pay around 7-800,000 per year.


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