Do you want to straight your hair?


Anyone want to straight your hair??

Actually I`m looking for someone has real curlyhair and want to straighthair.

I`m ganna contact hairshop nearby your place first

and will straight.

This is all free. but I will take some photos and videos (process of hair clinic)

If you're interesed in send me a e-mail with your photos of your hair status

Thank you. Have a nice day:)

[email protected]

Dr. Myoung's Medical & Chiro Clinic MD. DC (medical and chiro dual lic

Dr.  Myoung's clinic is a primary medical care clinic in Seoul, Korea.

Dr. Myoung has dual license in Medical doctor and Chiropractic ( US National and Califorina for 23years)

As a primary health care provider in Medical and Chiropractic, we serve the best treatment for your pain problem.

If you are suffering from  back, neck, shoulder, knee or any other joint pain, do not hesitate to contact us(incl. joint injury).

Also we treat general medical conditions too.

We offer treatments for 

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Invite you Korean Food dining for Free!! (HongDae)


Repeats every 4 months until Tue Nov 07 2017.
Friday, November 24, 2017 - 18:00

Hello! We are 'a Spoon of Trip' team. 
We are preparing a service for travelers, foreign students, exchange students, and all foreigners staying in Korea. 
The service provides a special experience to eat Korean food at Korean local home. 
We are going to open beta test on this Friday(11/24). 
It will be held GuestHouse ,SangSu station, in the evening eating dinner together. This time, the service is for FREE, so come and enjoy yourselves. 
There will be other geusts include you. 


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Sound Bombin G-15 Sonnendeck


Saturday, November 18, 2017 - 22:00

G15 Sonnendeck + Sean Soul + Che 先生 J-U + From East = One Sexy Musical Rooftop Party!! 

Next Saturday night, November 18th, join us at @G15 Sonnendeck as we put on the hits for Seoul!!! 


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Clara C Live in Seoul


Friday, December 1, 2017 - 20:00

Popular musician in the US indie scene and YouTube star

Clara C comes to Korea!


A concert by Clara C, a sophisticated singer and songwriter who goes beyond pop, folk, soul, jazz and electronic genres, will be held on December 1 at the Hongdae SangsangMadang Live Hall.


'Clara C tumbler' and 'Signing ceremony' ticket are being offered for early ticket sale!


- Date & Time : Friday, December 1, 2017 20:00

- Venue : SangsangMadang Live Hall (Hongdae)


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DA Plastic Surgery

“Delightful Aesthetics”, DA Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

Based in Gangnam the center of world-class beauty, with excellent facilities, top class doctors and high quality medical service, we will provide the best care for our clients.

DA Plastic Surgery specializes in facial contouring surgery and other major plastic surgery procedures.

For more information:

Official Website:

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