Rabbit needs home

I have a pet rabbit that needs a loving home. I bought the rabbit at home plus, and [s]he has lived with me since. It's a typical rabbit with the typical rabbit ways, and needs someone who understands and respects that. The rabbit has not been spayed or nuetered. If this is a requirement, then I will take the rabbit to the vet and see what I can do. It's name is Bunnard von Sniffenberg. I have not had its sex confirmed by a vet because I love Bunnard no matter what the sex or gender display. Anyway, if that is neccessary to know, then I will take Bunnard to a vet. 


Apostille Service for US


If you guys need degree apostille in a rush, use apostille pros www.apostillepros.com

They do it very fast and super professional. They always answer phone calls and emails. Also, they ship to South Korea at a reasonable rate.

For the FBI background check, they guided me through, I got it in about a week. I used a rush service better than waiting 12 weeks. Then I got the apostille through them as well. Super fast. 

TEFL Course Thailand

If you have just completed your TEFL certification and are looking forward to teaching jobs overseas, TEFL course Thailand could be a viable option for you. In Thailand you might be dealing with classes, which are little larger than your native place. However if you attain an ESL job in the private school you tend to have lesser number of students in a class.

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