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Looking for nebosh courses in Singapore and in Korea? We are a training centre that conducts courses accredited by NEBOSH as well as a range of short courses designed to meet specific industry needs.

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job in korea for one year

Bonjour !

i'm Maité  a belgian girl and i would like to know what kind of job i can  find without degree for 1 year because my boyfriend is korean and will go army next year so i would like to finish my last school year and live one year  in korea then come back to belgium to begin my university studies

Rabbit needs home

I have a pet rabbit that needs a loving home. I bought the rabbit at home plus, and [s]he has lived with me since. It's a typical rabbit with the typical rabbit ways, and needs someone who understands and respects that. The rabbit has not been spayed or nuetered. If this is a requirement, then I will take the rabbit to the vet and see what I can do. It's name is Bunnard von Sniffenberg. I have not had its sex confirmed by a vet because I love Bunnard no matter what the sex or gender display. Anyway, if that is neccessary to know, then I will take Bunnard to a vet. 



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