Korea News Talk - Economic Downturn, Union Protests, & Sodium Levels

Korea News Talk#3
August 20, 2011
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Participants: Adam Cave, Stafford Lumsden, Charles Ahn, Daniel Lafontaine, & Jeff Lebow

Topics: The effect of  the U.S. credit downgrade and global economic downturn on Korea, SC First Bank and Hanjin Union issues,  HomePlus/Tesco Success,  Samsung's pass on Android, & Korea's sodium standing

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Korea News Talk#3 - Stock Market Dive, Union Protests, & Sodium Level

ARKPop Podcast: Episode 24 - E.I.

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From KBC: Tom Brown on Tesco's Korean Success Story

Produced bySteven Bammel and hosted by Tom Tucker.

August 9, 2011The Korea Business Interview Series

Tom Brown
"Homeplus: Tesco’s Success Story on Entering the Korean Market"

Tom Brown is Site Research Director at Homeplus Korea, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tesco of the UK.

* * *

Tesco’s entry into the Korean market contains valuable lessons for anyone doing or wishing to do business in Korea. While other foreign brands like Wal-Mart and Carrefour have failed, Tesco’s Korean brand, Homeplus, is moving from strength to strength as it closes the gap with the market leader, E-mart.

This interview covers many fascinating aspects of the Homeplus story in Korea. From its early partnership with Samsung, to an extraordinary level of office culture localization, as well as matching uniqueness of the Korean consumer market, Tesco and Homeplus have achieved an amazing success.

Tom Brown has been with Tesco in Asia during this time, both in Korea and China, leading the company’s efforts to locate new stores. His insider perspective leaves us with many valuable insights about business in Korea (and even a little about business in China!).

This interview is a “must-listen” for anyone with an interest in business in Korea.

Original Post, Transcript, & Discussion
can be found on Korea Business Central

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From KBC: Tom Brown on Tesco's Korean Success Story

Talkin' Tech in Korea w/ Stafford, Matthew, & Jeff

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Koreabridge Hangout - Talking' Tech in Korea

I am new to the world of blogging. People have suggested that I blog for a while. I have not really been too keen. However, now that I am in Korea and retooling as an Asianist it seems like a good idea. I have been in Korea for about 18 months and am developing a larger research project. I will begin developing some of my ideas about Korean society and politics.


Koreabridge Hangout Webcast - Tech in the ROK - Tonight 9pm


Monday, August 1, 2011 - 21:00


Following last week's Hangout Debut, we'll be webcasting another live 'Koreabridge Hangout' Monday night.  This week, we are gather geeks from around the peninsula to discuss 'Tech in the ROK'. 

All are welcome to tune in and chime in with comments and questions at


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