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General courses offered (강의 내용):
Free talking (자유로운 대화 )
Grammar (문법)
Pronunciation (발음)
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Canadian English Teacher ESL/TEFL/TESOL Training or Practice

Hi there, I'm offering to teach you English! I help improve your English, teach you new things and correct your English through conversation, articles, books & more! I also help you prepare for your TEFL/TESOL/ESL training!

My name is Mac, I have experience teaching Korean students aged anywhere from 8-50 years old. My background is business & Asian studies, so this is my business that you will help grow over time!

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Free Usim Simcard by KT and SKT

We are RedSeaCommunication a telecommunication company specialized for foreigners
Located in Busan
We offer USIM Card either prepaid and postpaid or egg.
Currently we are recruiting dealers to work with.

Job Desk:
Get customer who want to have prepaid simcard or other telecommunication products (such as linephone, pre/post paid card, internet +tv, olleh egg)

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#LoveForDMZ Campaign! Sending your ‘Finger Heart’ to DMZ!

#LoveForDMZ Campaign! 

KTO(Korea Tourist Organaization) started a new campaign ‘#LoveForDMZ’ for people all over the world to promote about Korea tourism.

This campaign’s purpose is to promote DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) as Marvelous Zone, land of peace and marvelously conserved nature and history, and rebrand DMZ as another must-visit spot through sharing message of peace by worldwide consumers.


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Anona.Co English:: Online English Lessons with Native Speakers

Anona.Co English: Teaching you English - at your own pace
Are you looking to learn/improve your English? Do you need help writing in English? 
Well have no fear! Learn English with professional North American teachers! We teach all ages and levels: children, K-12, university students (International, Erasmus+) as well as adults. Put no age in learning the universal language, and start your new years resolution with speaking ENGLISH!
Lessons are built based on your requirements.

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Immigration pass allegedly

Right now, there is an "open exit" for people who are here on expired/illegal visas, but immigration is also doing major crackdowns.

If you or yours are not legally on the right visa, understand that for three weeks, Seoul subway line 1, line 4 and line 7 will be stationed with immigration officers from 9am-11am and again from 4pm-7pm. Carry your ARC or military ID, or passport if you are new to Korea and your ARC has not yet been processed, in order to avoid detainment.


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