1:1 TOEIC and TOEIC speaking preparation online and offline


I prepare students for TOEIC and TOEIC speaking tests. I have taken both of them and I know very well how to efficiently prepare for these exams in a short period of time.

Both online (zoom or skype) and offline (only in Busan) classes are available.

The costs are mainly 20,000 won per one hour of offline class and 15,000 won per online classes.

 My scores:

TOEIC: 980 

TOEIC speaking: level 7

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 01072989810

Kakaotalk id: erkesha

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Liquid Arts Podcast

The Liquid Arts Network podcast shines a light on an international open stage community, bringing performances from its platform to your ears. The network curates space for both the novice artists and seasoned professionals.


Experienced Online English Teacher At Your Service

Are you looking to improve your oral English? 

Say no more! because I offer intriguing and more practical classes on Cisco Webex Meetings an application like Skype. Whether you want to work on your general, business/workplace English or prepare for IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC examinations, I have just the perfect material to suit your learning needs. 

Classes are designed for adult students but teenagers are also welcome as some will be entering interantional high schools. 

The tuition is affordable.

If you are interested, please contact me on:

Skype: Jargon Land 

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Innocent Korean Mistakes That Sound Rude | Korean FAQ

It's important to make mistakes when learning any language. You can't learn how to speak properly without first trying to speak.

But there are some mistakes you don't have to make, and should avoid making - mistakes that can sound rude.

I cover some of the most common rude mistakes that Korean learners make, such as using the 자 form, saying 너 or 당신, and more.


Online Customized lessons

Aladdin education is :

100% online tutoring sessions,
You have access to the most knowledgeable tutors on demand
Lessons are customized based on your needs
Expert tutors from all across the U.S are here to help!

Connect with us for a free consultation at:

[email protected]

Tel/whatsapp : +1-865-tutor24


Or simply fill in the form on :

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The Ultimate Guide to Doing Business in Korea

Thinking about doing business in Korea?

Need to learn about Korean business etiquette?

Navigating the murky waters of Korean Business Culture can be challenging.

There's much to be gained through a successful partnership, but many ways to lose 정 (Jeong), or the unspoken bond that holds the country together.



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