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I’m Natasha, 23 years old and a recent college grad out to teach and travel the world. I’m currently teaching middle school English in Daegu, South Korea. Follow for updates on my adventures~


Wesley Cook @ Horus Music Garage (Daegu)


Friday, November 30, 2012 - 21:30


After pursuing his music career in the USA, Wesley Cook, of Athens, Georgia, returns to his old stomping grounds in Daegu, Korea!

"Upbeat positivity is a Wes constant, in his music and his attitude", said Rolling Stone Magazine of the blue-eyed songsmith, and Georgia Music Magazine said that "(Wesley) may just be the next big thing" in a recent publication. 


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Don't work In Daegu if you like your freedom

Seriously I wouldn’t  work in Daegu ever again. It is a small minded town, and if you think they are xenophobic in Seoul or Pusan it is much worse here as it is in boon dock towns.

I have lived in Seoul and Geyonggido province. I have experienced tensions in the formerly mentioned but it is much worse here. In Seoul or Geyonggido I never had problems if I approached women in café’s restaurants or bus stops etc. Here in Daegu I have had women look at me in utter shock or they have walked away very quickly.


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