Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who help each other stay sober one day at a time.  There are no leaders, rules, or fees in our fellowship.  Our sole purpose is to help those interested live a happy, sane, sober life by applying the twelve steps.   


The Way Down South in Busan Group is an OPEN Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, which means that anyone interested in our program and fellowship is welcome--whether they have a desire to stop drinking or not.


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BIWA (Busan International Women's Association)

The Busan International Women's Association is a charitable social and cultural organization open to women living in the Busan and Kyungsang Namdo area of South Korea. As a non-profit organization we raise money to help those in the local Korean community who are in need.

At BIWA we encourage friendship, support, and cultural exchange between our international and Korean members by organizing a wide variety of social and cultural activities.

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Does anybody know of a good fabric store and or tailor in Busan? I have seen a couple little shops but i want something extensive, i heard that they exist. Let me know.

Alex Hair Stylist

Alex's salon is in Haeundae New Town near Youngnam Apartments (near the McDonald's).  He trained in Europe and speaks very good English. He is very skilled, and used to dealing with all varities of hair (curly, blonde, dyed, etc.) I highly recommend him. If these directions sound too complicated, just call from a taxi and have him give directions. His phone number is 703-2242. Sometimes a Korean woman will answer, but just ask for Alex. He is open 6 days a week (No Wednesdays.)

From Jangsan Station:

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What Happened to Random Street Food Man?

Screw mandu's nonexistent magical properties.I have magical properties!I haven't seen hide nor hair from Random Mandu Man since I last complained about him. My desire to be talented, interesting and sexy has finally come to fruition: I can make people disappear, just by thinking it!(He probably just moved his tent down the street or something lame. Also, now that I've made note of this, he'll



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