Pusan Car Repair

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let me introduce very excellent & kind car repair & tire shop.

the owner of that shop was a pilot 10 years ago. so he can speak english very well. this shop is in bumnaegol near somyon in there, you can be served kindly & your car will be well repaired.

his name is KIM & tel num is 051-644-4517

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Muay Thai Gyms

I'm looking for a good Muay Thai gym.  I live in Yeonsan Dong so the closer the better, but I'd be willing to travel if need be.  Any suggestions or tips are appreciated. 

Airport/Pet kennel

Im moving back to the US in a week and a half, and need to know where to buy a small pet kennel so that I can take my dog on the flight with me. Also, any easy ways to the airport. I can take a taxi, but I live in Guseo-dong and don't know how far or how expensive it can be. Once again, I live in Guseo-dong so any easy ways to the airport from there, or anywhere on the subway line that I can go to buy a dog kennel. Thanks!

Busan Human Rights Group Meeting


Saturday, August 29, 2009 - 16:00

 We get together monthly to share information on important human rights situations around the world and write letters to important officials.  (It works, trust us).

We also discuss other ways of getting involved, working with local groups, etc. to improve human rights situations wherever we can.  The topics are serious but the atmosphere is casual.  Bring a friend!

 * Date : August 29th (Sat) 4 p.m. (until 5:30 or so)

* Meeing Place : Nampo-dong, Min-dle-Young-to restaurant (on the corner of PIFF square)


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Puliphwangi(Herb Aroma) Oriental Medical Clinic

 This Oriental Medicial Clinic is located in a BNU(Busan National University) area, very close from a PNU subway station. The doctor treats a variety of skin troubles through acupunture and herb. His way of treating skin problems is different from  western doctors who use laser. His focus is on giving our body regenerative power by stimulating skin tissues through a special designed acupucture medical device. He also believes that skin problem derives from our internal organ troubles. So he administers herb remedy along with the physical acupucture.

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Pusan Philharmony Orchestra Concert (11th Sep)


Friday, September 11, 2009 - 19:30


Pusan Philharmony Orchestra

Mendelssohn' Concert

(the bicentennial of the composer’s birth.)

* Date : 2009.09.11 (Fri) 19:30
* Place : Busan Culture Center Main Theater(부산문화회관 대극장)

* Con / Kwak Seng
* Vn / Shin Sangjun


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