Call home from your cell for free

You can call home for free with your cell phone.

Just dial 1544 0044.  You will hear some pre-recorded Korean giving instructions.

As soon as you hear that voice just dial your country code, area code and number followed by the # sign.

BAM! You are connected.  This service appears to be 100% free, except for your normal phone charges.  I have used this service for eight months with no surprise charges on my bill.

Hope this helps someone!

The Ha Ha Hole-Comedy Night


Friday, February 5, 2010 - 22:00

Entertain, be entertained, or both at Busan's only monthly comedy night.  The first Friday of every month Crossroads turns into a comedy club.  All acts are welcome: stand-up, funny songs, sketches, shaving on stage, hamster bathing, you name it.  Show starts at 10:00pm.  Recently moved from downstairs at  SoulTrane to upstairs at Crossroads to accommodate a larger and better looking audience.  Arrive early for a good seat and rest your laugh muscles with a drink before the show begins.  Fantastic drink specials all night.


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Ultimate Frisbee game in Namcheon


Sunday, February 7, 2010 - 14:00

On Sunday (2/7) we're playing another game of ultimate frisbee in Namcheon. The last game was a lot of fun so I encourage everyone to come out. We found a really nice, soft astro-turf field near the Namcheon subway station that is perfect for ultimate....definitely beats the dirt fields more commonly found here. All skill levels are welcome.

Namcheon station (#211), take exit 2. At street level turn around and walk 1/2 block to "Coffee Trinity", turn right. Walk up this street for a minute and you'll see the field on your right.

Game starts at 2 so hope to see you there!


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scooter parts

Hi.  This has probably been covered, but I can't find the answer.  Where is a good place to buy used/new parts/tires for scooters?  I live in Busan.  Also, where is a good place to buy cheap tools?



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