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For Blog Publishers - Why do I need to republish my entire blog posts?

As part of our policies for publishers, we ask that bloggers set their RSS feeds so that their entire posts are republished on Koreabridge. 

The main reasons for this are: 

- Visitors prefer to be able to see then entire post rather than having to click again to finish the item.  We do include a link to the original post and blogger's feed on each post. 

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How can I subscribe to Koreabridge content?

If you would like to receive email notifications when certain posts or types of content are published, you can do so by 'subscribing' to it.

Below every type of 'subscribable' content, you can see a subscribe section.  To subscribe just to that post, click 'subscribe to this page'. To subscribe to all posts of that kind of content, click 'To <content type> content'.  Then click 'save'.

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