Does anyone have any info on the recent deportations -fake degrees?

There is a post on another legal site claiming that certain nationalities, races, are being looked into and then deported . Is there any substance to these claims? The claim is that their degrees are perhaps falsified. I had read that quite a few people were picked up and taken to a deportation center allegedly. This is merely a rumour for now. I can not say it is true or factual. I would like to know if it is true though.

Favoritism in the Workplace

I was curious to know as to whether anybody had suffered any discrimination in their place of work. I wonder what kinds of discrimination occur more regularly. Do people get better deals, more classes, fewer classes, and better earners?

I also wondered if bigger employers or types of employers discriminated more. Was the discrimination nationality, skin color, looks or gender based? Does anyone feel there is discrimination in the workplace here?

I think you have to earn your corn here. I was wondering if people think you just need looks to get by.

Pension protocols

Hi, I'm hoping someone can clarify how pension works for English teachers (US citizens).

My boyfriend and I work together, but we have different salaries. We noticed the deductions for pension on our payslips were the same amount, and that amount is lower than either of our salaries. So, we asked why this was, since pension deductions should be 4.5% of our salary.

The Korean staff member who deals with all issues related to the foreign staff gave us the following explanation:


Hi i would dearly love to work in Korea but have hit what seems a major snag through lack of awareness. 

Everytime i apply for teaching jobs the CRC issue arises, I have no CRC as i left my home country several years ago unware that it was a requirement in teaching.


Does any one have any advice or faced a simialar issue?


Let me state i have a clean record wherever i go but this is just my word.Even if i return to my home country there is this gap in years so i don't know what to do.




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