Store/Shopping - Free Sim card with $20 charged and a gift to all

for more details plz text 01097113253 or the email in the picture.

p.s. the number in the picture is temporary not working until November. 

This is not a scam and your information is given straight to KT and SK for the registration. Your information will be deleted from servers within 3 days upon the registration. if you still have any doubts about the event or the company,  you can easily find all information regarding it by searching the web about the company itself at 

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Location: - Online Shopping and Support Services

Hi KoreaBridge, welcome to Korea

This is YourHomeKorea

Using this Service, you can shop almost every items with Korean Staff's support.

You can order Delivery food (Dominos,Mc,Papajohns,Bk etc) to your doorstep.

You can order Costco Frozen/Fresh Foods (Ground Beef, Cheese, Salmon etc)

You can install air filter or water purifier to your home. 

Simple logic, you request, YourHomeKorea help.

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Location: - Korean Writing Shirt with Slang/KPop/Drama Phrases

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Get a shirt with Korean characters on it or a hoodie with hangul writing. Lots of Korean slang and romantic expressions on shirts, for both men and women.

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We sell shirts and bags with Korean slang, drama, and Kpop phrases. You know... phrases like "보고파" {Bogopa}, "짱" {Jjang}, "왜 그래?", "심쿵", etc.

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Fishisfast is a service that makes shipping your purchases from US online stores to Korea as easy as possible. We issue you a virtual US shipping address that you can use at any store in the US, even the ones that don't normally ship overseas. Once your item arrives at our warehouse, you can use our app to view photos and make sure that it isn't damaged and that there are no problems. Once all of your orders have arrived you can consolidate as many items as you want from different stores into one package, and save on shipping cost.

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