Koreabridge Travel Guide

This guide is composed of two parts. The first section contains information for getting started and getting around Korea. The second section contains a collection of links and information of the various places to visit in Korea. It is broken down by province, city and town. This guide is a compilation of information available for travelling in Korea. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information but hope you find this useful. Korea is safe and interesting place to travel in. So get out and explore it! Thanks to Jeff Martinez of becomingadventure.com who produced most of the content in this guide. 




Around Korea

Busan 부산

An amazing bite in Busan colored with cherry blossom

 What kind of words occur to you when you heard the word 'spring'? Probably you guys will think 'cherry blossom', 'flower viewing' ... ect. Also there is a song always makes an appearance again. That is, '벚꽃엔딩 (The end of cherry blossoms)'. As you can see, many people think cherry blossoms let us think about spring. That's why there are many festival about cherry blossoms. In Busan's Oncheoncheon, the famous citizen park, the festival is held on April. Aren't you excited when heard the word 'festival'?

 I went there three times to introduce this festival. This festival was held on April 1st to third. In this period, there are lots of events regardless of day and night. You can find that when ever you go there, people come to festival constantly. It means that it's proper for family's excursion and couple's date course. You can enjoy various things here, I want to have a time to introduce some of them.

 First of all, you can experience reminiscences that existed a lot in the past. '달고나(dalgina ; the snack that we can make by melting sugar in ladle and after some steps, pouring in plate and hacking it away with various molds.)', '뽑기(bbopgi ; yellow, that have many shapes)'  is representative. I have a memory that a woman selling this two snacks in front of school when I was in elementry school. In the case of dalgona, if you success in keeping the shape after piercing the line of the shape, they will give you one more chance to do it for free or give you one more dalgona. Bbopgi is the game that you randomly place four sticks which have many names of shapes on it on the board. On that board, numbers are written on it. Then you should do drawing lots, and they will give you that shape of candy which is on the number you pick. It may be difficult for you to gain '왕잉어(King carp)', the first prize. Me, also visited festival and did 'Bbopgi', I got chicken shaped one. It will be extremely amusing memory.

 Second, yu can experience lots of food. We can classify Oncheoncheon festivals's food in two. One is snack that sells in kiosk when you walk the park. In there, you can enjoy hotdog, Fish cake bar, Cotton candy, Coke&Chicken... etc. You can see people commomly grasp one in their hand because we can easily think of food when we think about festival. The other is the place like cart bar. You can have eating pajeon, meat, alcohol there, sitting on chair. Also there is an advantage that you can experience that eatery's food nearby because many of cart bars are prepared by real eateries.

 Third, you can do many activities. This activity booth doesn't run at night, but of you visit in daytime, you can do a lot such as a folk game, bread making, socks craft. It has an merit that you can do activity to your preference. This is because various activity booths stand in a row. So I recommend you to come in daytime and do it!

 Lastly, you can meet Oncheoncheon decorated beautifully. You can see cherry blossoms in full bloom and it is another charm to appreciate colourful lights starting in the afternoon. Especially. if you visit at night, you can find lights and structures glittering in various colors.

 Like this, you can face lots of enjoyments in here. Why don't you visit Oncheoncheon cherry blossom festival with preious people getting away from busy life for a while? The amazing bite will wait you here! 

Baseball Cheering Culture in Busan


Posted by Katee of Sajik Girls High School from their annual magazine, The Creator. 

Cheering Culture of Busan Baseball

           Have you ever heard of the cheering culture of baseball in Busan? Cheering culture is common since it can be seen in any baseball games. However when you get to know about the unique ways that Busan citizens use to cheer in baseball, you will become interested in it. It can be sorted into mainly three groups; food, words, and tools.

           First of all, although there are numerous food Busan citizens eat while cheering, chicken is the best among them all. It isn’t that there are specific rules of what food to eat while watching a game. However, chicken is considered to be the typical food for baseball that is easy to buy, and easy to eat. Watching baseball becomes extra fun when you watch it while eating chicken with beer.

           Secondly, you can enjoy a lot of special cheering acts. What people from outside of Busan finds most interesting is shouting “Ma!” during the game. This word is part of Busan dialect and therefore, exists only in Busan. It can be used in various situations, but while watching baseball, the meaning becomes accusatory and close to the meaning, “what the heck”. Isn’t it fun to know how sentences can be compressed into a single word?

           Lastly, there are unique cheering tools in Busan’s baseball. At around eighth inning, people starts handing out orange colored plastic bags, that can be turned into a cheering costume. You could tie it around you head, shaped like a round ball, or wear it around your arms. When the game is finished, the plastic bags could also be used as garbage bag for people to clean up their own mess.

           How about coming to watch baseball in Busan this summer? You could experience the city’s unique cheering culture along with indescribable excitement! There are many more exciting things waiting for you in Sajik Stadium that we did not have the chance to mention. How about experiencing the exhilarating atmosphere of baseball in person?


Busan Cinema Center

I would first like to introduce myself as a Korean student currently attending Sajik Girls' High School. I am also the president of a school club, "Creator" where we publish yearly magazine about places worth visiting in Busan. A lot of the club members thought that it would be meaningful to post some of our articles on a website used by foreigners who wish to get information about Korea. I hope you guys find these useful!:)


Busan Cinema Center

           There is a building where everyone who had been to Busan International Film Festival, would know. In the center of BIFF, there is Busan Cinema Center. This is the most exquisite building that represents enthusiasm Busan share towards movies.

           Busan Cinema Center was first opened on September 29th, 2011. This center is the world’s first cultural space to provide film, the performing arts, exhibition, and education. Since its opening, there hasn’t been a single day without special events such as musicals, classic films, and movie lectures. For example, on every Wednesday, people can enjoy free movie in an “Outdoor BIFF Theatre”. Also, there are film academy classes where people could get education on films. In addition, as an Asian film archive, Busan Cinema Center owns a place where classical and modern films are being preserved. It is amazing how something new is always waiting for everyone to enjoy every single day.

           Busan Cinema Center is also famous for its artistic architecture design. It has a gigantic roof with the length that is as long as 2.5 times of a soccer field. In fact, this roof is listed in the Guinness Book as the world’s longest cantilever roof. Under this roof, divine LED lightings of different colors and shapes shine every night.

           Busan Cinema Center is divided into mainly 5 large places where people can enjoy films and performances. The first one is “Cinema 1” where you can see top concert films of the century and latest Hollywood hits. The second one is “Cinema 2” which screens popular international movies. Next, there is “Cinematheque” where classic masterpieces are shown. The fourth one is “Outdoor BIFF Theatre” which is used to host the opening and closing ceremonies of BIFF, as well as an area for performance. Lastly, “Haneulyeon Theatre” specializes in world-class performances.

           Like this, Busan Cinema Center provides a variety of program all year round. It is a place to see movies from all over the world, and a chance to meet actors/actresses and movie directors. It is a film paradise for anyone interested in films and artistic performances. As a place where BIFF, the biggest film festival in Asia is opened, this is a cultural space where everyone can enjoy.

Busan Citizen Park


Posted by Katee of Sajik Girls High School from their annual magazine, The Creator. 

<Let's go to Busan citizen park>

           Recently, I had a chance to visit 'Busan citizen park'. The facilities of the park were very modern and amazing. The more I spent time in the park, the more I felt love for the place. So when I returned home, I researched to get some further information about this park.


Most of us would think that there is no history of citizen park since it was built this year, barely few months ago. However, you would be surprised to hear that citizen park in fact, has a long interesting history. When you enter citizen park's website, you will be able to read the following sentence; “100 years of waiting, eternal meeting”. What does this mean?

There are wheels within wheels. During the era of Japanese colonization, these wheels were used in a racecourse. During World War 2, these were used to support Japan's imperial army. Even after Korea gained its independence, the wheels were used by U.S. armed forces stationed in Korea. Finally, the wheels have returned to its true owner, the citizen of Busan in 2010. In other words, the wheel are like the bandage to Korea's wounded history.

◎ Facility

The roads of Busan citizen park are suited for jogging and feels comfortable for the feet. This park also have really nice view with fountains and books, which is why pairs of lovers choose here to have a date. In addition, Busan citizen park provides children's playground and a resting place for families.

1. Music fountain & Sky blue light fountain

I have never seen a fountain more beautiful than these before! When the music fountain is on, ten different songs will play in the fountain. Also, there are various shapes that these water could form into such as a heart, tornado, a circle, or waves. Every night, the rainbow colored fountain gives an exotic atmosphere.

Furthermore, there is a sky blue fountain which too is superb. This fountain is especially dazzling at night, so I would recommend you to come and see this at night with the people you love.

2. Variety of forest

There are many forests in citizen park. Among them are memory forest and peace forest. Walking through these forests would help you refresh your mind and make you feel healthy.

While I stayed in Busan citizen park, I was able to feel the freshness of nature even though I was in the heart of the city. It also helped me to release my stress. Visiting here would be an awesome chance to take a rest and hang out with your friends, family or your lover. Let's go to Busan citizen park! :)

Busan Subway

Full Size Map

List of Stations

Line 1 (1호선)
Station # Station name Hangeul Hanja
101 Sinpyeong 신 평 新 平
102 Hadan 하 단 下 端
103 Dangni
(Saha-gu Office)
당 리
堂 里
104 Saha 사 하 沙 下
105 Goejeong 괴 정 槐 亭
106 Daeti
(Dongju College)
대 티
107 Seodaesin-dong 서 대신동 西 大新洞
108 Dongdaesin-dong 동 대신동 東 大新洞
109 Toseong-dong 토 성동 土 城洞
110 Jagalchi 자 갈치 N/A
111 Nampo-dong 남 포동 南 浦洞
112 Jungang-dong
(Green Non-Life Insurance Co.)
중 앙동
中 央洞
113 Busan Station 부 산역 釜 山驛 Korail Gyeongbu LineTX
114 Choryang-dong 초 량동 草 梁洞
115 Busanjin 부 산진 釜 山鎮
116 Jwacheon-dong
(Ilsin Christian Hospital)
좌 천동
佐 川洞
117 Beomil-dong 범 일동 凡 一洞
118 Beomnaegol 범 내골 N/A
119 Seomyeon 서 면 西 面 Line 2
120 Bujeon-dong 부 전동 釜 田洞
121 Yangjeong
(Dong-Eui Institute of Technology·
Busan Women's College)
양 정
楊 亭
122 City Hall
시 청
市 廳
123 Yeonsan-dong 연 산동 蓮 山洞 Line 3
124 Busan Nat'l. Univ. of Education 교 대앞 敎 育大學
125 Dongnae 동 래 東 萊 Line 4 (opening December 2010)
126 Myeongnyun-dong 명 륜동 明 倫洞
127 Oncheonjang 온 천장 溫 泉場
128 Pusan National University 부 산대학앞 釜 山大學
129 Jangjeon-dong
(Catholic Univ. of Pusan)
장 전동
長 箭洞
130 Guseo-dong 구 서동 久 瑞洞
131 Dusil 두 실 斗 室
132 Namsan-dong 남 산동 南 山洞
133 Beomeosa 범 어사 梵 魚寺
134 Nopo-dong 노 포동 老 圃洞
Line 2 (2호선)
Station # Station name Hangul Hanja Transfer
201 Jangsan 장 산 萇 山  
202 Jung-dong 중 동 中 洞  
203 Haeundae 해 운대 海 雲臺  
204 Dongbaek 동 백 冬 栢  
205 Busan Museum of Modern Art 시 립미술관 市 立美術館  
206 Centum City 센 텀시티    
207 Millak 민 락 民 楽  
208 Suyeong 수 영 水 營 Line 3
209 Gwangan 광 안 広 安  
210 Geumnyeonsan 금 련산 金 蓮山  
211 Namcheon 남 천 南 川  
212 Kyungsung University ·
Pukyong National University
경 성대·부경대 慶 星大·釜慶大  
213 Daeyeon 대 연 大 淵  
214 Motgol 못 골    
215 Jigegol 지 게골    
216 Munhyeon 문 현 門 峴  
217 Munjeon 문 전 門 田  
218 Jeonpo 전 포 田 浦  
219 Seomyeon 서 면 西 面 Line 1
220 Buam 부 암 釜 岩  
221 Gaya 가 야 伽 倻  
222 Dong-eui University 동 의대 東 義大  
223 Gaegeum 개 금 開 琴  
224 Naengjeong 냉 정 冷 亭  
225 Jurye 주 례 周 礼  
226 Gamjeon 감 전 甘 田  
227 Sasang 사 상 沙 上 Busan-Gimhae LRT (April 2011)
228 Deokpo 덕 포 德 浦  
229 Modeok 모 덕 毛 德  
230 Mora 모 라 毛 羅  
231 Gunam 구 남 亀 南  
232 Gumyeong 구 명 亀 明  
233 Deokcheon 덕 천 德 川 Line 3
234 Sujeong 수 정 水 亭  
235 Hwamyeong 화 명 華 明  
236 Yulli 율 리 栗 里  
237 Dongwon 동 원 東 院  
238 Geumgok 금 곡 金 谷  
—— in Yangsan
239 Hopo 호 포 湖 浦  
240 Jeungsan 증 산 曾 山 (pass, not open)
241 Pusan Nat'l Univ. Yangsan Campus 부 산대양산캠퍼스 釜 山大梁山Campus  
242 Namyangsan 남 양산 南 梁山  
243 Yangsan 양 산 梁 山  
  Singi 신 기 (under construction)
  Bukbu 북 부 (under construction)
  Bukjeong 북 정 (under construction)
Line 3 (3호선)
Station # Station name Hangul Hanja Transfer
301 Suyeong 수 영 水 營 Line 2
302 Mangmi 망 미 望 美
303 Baesan 배 산 盃 山
304 Mulmangol 물 만골
305 Yeonsan-dong 연 산동 蓮 山洞 Line 1
306 Geoje-dong 거 제 巨 堤
307 Sports Complex 종 합운동장 綜 合運動場
308 Sajik 사 직 社 稷
309 Minam 미 남 美 南 Line 4 (opening December 2010)
310 Mandeok 만 덕 萬 德
311 Namsanjeong 남 산정 南 山亭
312 Sukdeung 숙 등 淑 嶝
313 Deokcheon 덕 천 德 川 Line 2
314 Gupo 구 포   Korail Gyeongbu LineKTX
315 Gangseo-gu Office 강 서구청 江 西區廳
316 Sports Park 체 육공원 體 育公園
317 Daejeo 대 저 大 猪 Busan-Gimhae LRT (April 2011)

Ebagu road

Ebagu flower bloomed.Seeds that modern history has left today became a road and it bloomed in your side.This is the introduction about the Ebagu road. Isn't it very attractive? We will introduce the road which bloomed with history and modern times.On Cholyang Ebagu road, There is a village which was created by the people who have lived here and worked hard during Korean war and shelter years. The village that is located on the front of the sea and over the mountain seems to start a conversation to a passerby.

Ebagu road is not just a normal road. This is a historical road. Starting at the first place, if you see the old photos which are hung along the Damjang gallery, you can recall the precious memory of the past. Although I haven't experienced that period, I could feel the desire for truce. I think that this is the charm of this road. Also when you feel tired after climbing 168 stairs, you will be able to get Kim min bu observatory. The view that you can see at the observatory will melt your all anxiety. The scenery is beautiful enough to fall in love with Ebagu road. Cheer up and walk a little more, you will finally arrive at Yu chi hwan post box which is the last course of Ebagu road. A letter written here arrives to you a year later. The letter will give you a great chance to make you or everyone around you happy and impressed. Eventually, here the road is over. Like this, Ebagu road is special in many fields in itself.Well, you have studied Ebagu road until now, So shall we figure out the road's special publicity strategies from now on?First. Ebagu bicycle helps us to enjoy comfortable travel.This electronic bicycle can give us a ride to steep hill while we are listening to guide's explanation.Second. Ebagu charging station offers us a cozy place to stay. It is a very popular place for travelers who visit Ebagu road because of cheap accommodation fee.

Third. Mandi bus takes us to many beautiful and unknown tourist attractions in Busan. Unlike traveling many standard travel attractions, Mandi bus tour that travels unknown wonderful attractions gives you unforgettable memory.

Walking slowly step by step will give you a chance to recharge.

Furthermore, a letter written carefully is much better than easily written text messages.If you want to leave unforgettable memory in your heart, how about visiting Ebagu road?



The Busan film festival

Now shall we leave in earnest in the Busan International Film Festival with colorful scene?Here, you can not only enjoy movies but also meet movie actors appearing in recent flims.In particular, Do not miss chance to meet up actors closely on a widely spread sandy beach, the patagon to BLFF Villiage. Moreover, you can spend a quality time while waiting for a movie by participating many booths related to a lot of movies. It is actor's great Red Carpet that is indispensable in film festival. Busan International Film Festival has so long history that many actors visit the festival, especially I can give you tips to know that most actors are coming to the opening and closing ceremonies. Film actors , as well as movies that have stand out cinematic quality will be screened a lot in particular, iut would be good for you to know that,during the festival,it also has an outdoor theatr as well as inside the cinema. After enjoying the fiery Fim festival, don't you find the place where you can have a walk with the ocean breezes of autumn and a cup of coffee? Then I will immediately recommend to the streets of the film without hesitation. This place is really fit to walk because it's not too far from the movie Fame and where festivals are held. Thinking that the festival is held only in the movie Fame throws away. Streets of the movie does as much as the heat of the festivals. This is, during festive period as well as usual,popular place to many tourists because it has many movie's posters and explanation attached to the walls and pretty sculptures so it is the best place to take pictures. This streets is seperated into many zone, animation zone and Haeundae background's zone. In particular, as I walk on the zone of ten million audience movie I felt that my country really have so many blockbuster in once again. It will be good memory to rest on the bench admiring the scenery of Haeundae beach as the way is longer than thought. The last of Movie Street takes us to the santorini square. This is one of exotic places among high skysrapers as a motive of Santorini in Greece. Also, you can appreciate hand printing of several famous actors and directors in here. Watching movies that run along the streets, you can talk with your friends about movie,Is here that an earthly? Until now, we looked at all things around to see as well as Busan International Film Festival, Is it useful to you? It you want to have special experience in lonely autumn, come to the site of BIFF that is famous for great actors,great ocean,and great night view. Right now! 

The history of Dongnae Spa

We will introduce On jeong Gegun Memorial Stone to you which is located beside open-air foot bath. It was built for commemorating Gang phil li, Dongnae Magistrate, who fixed old building of hot spring just before he finished his term in office. According to epitaph, people made two baths by using stones, and after that, Gang phil li starting for his new post as Dongnae Magistrate rebuilt it, with men's bath and women,s bath made a division by partitions. It was also said that such structures were so glossy and fresh like pheasants fly in the sky.

We should not forget to talk about Dongnae villa. In 1898, Making lease contract on Dongnae hot spring between Chosun and Japan occured. This led to open large-scale villa called Bong Nae Gwan casused by Yatshusi, japanese privte bath-cum-villa. In those days of Japanese occupation, Dongnae villa was named 'Hazama Yugen' possessed by Hazama Husitaro, top3 wealthy people in Busan. However, this building acted and during Korean war it was used as an official residence of vice present. Only 1965, it was called 'Dongnae villa' turning to High class-Korean style restaurant. For such a reason as mentioned, Dongnae villa contains Busan's painful modern history.

Chungcheongbuk 충청 북도

Cheongju 청주시

Chungju 충주시

Chungju 충주시




View Larger Map

Places of Interest:

Jungangtap (Pagoda): http://www.cj100.net/english/sub04/?menucode=04_01_01

Tangeumdae Park, Jungwon Goguryeo Monument, Jungwon Mireuksaji (Site of Mireuk Temple): http://www.cj100.net/english/sub04/?menucode=04_01_01



Chungcheongnam 충청 남도

Gangwon 강원도


Anseong 안성시

Dongducheon 동두천시

Gwangmyeong 광명시

Osan 오산시

Gyeongsangbuk 경상북도



Travel and city information websites:




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Places of Interest:


Seonbon Temple

Bulgul Temple

Sap Sal Gae (Shaggy Dog)- Sap Sal Gae is oldest endemic dog in Korea.





Travel and city information websites:




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Places of Interest:

Bohyeon-san (mountain) Astronomical Observatory: http://en.yc.go.kr/sub/03_01_01.asp

Chi-san Waterfall: http://en.yc.go.kr/sub/03_01_02.asp

Eunhae-sa Temole: http://en.yc.go.kr/sub/03_01_03.asp


Gyeongsangnam 경상남도







View Larger Map

Places of Interest:

Cherry Blossom Festival: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_2_1.jsp?cid=292966

Jinhae Marine Park: (The park is actually finished) http://eng.jinhae.go.kr/05/03.asp

Jinhae Dream Park: (Behind Jinhae City Hall) A series of walkways and Museums.

Jinhae Tower and Monorail: Located in Central Jinhae.


Masan 마산

Sacheon 사천시

Jeollabuk 전라 북도

Iksan 익산시

Jeollanam 전라 남도

Mokpo 목포시

Seoul 서울

Seoul Subway

Seoul Subway
Click for full size map (1.25MB 5724x5292)

Seoul Subway Map

Yangsan Travel Guide

Yangsan Entertainment Guide

lotteLotte Cinema

The only cinema in Yangsan. They show the latest big releases (with Korean subtitles) and Korean films (without English subtitles). For showtimes in English I use the CineinKorea website (Yangsan is listed in the Gyeongsang section) (http://cineinkorea.com/movie/index.php) or for Korean you can visit http://www.lottecinema.co.kr.

Directions: The entrance to the cinema is next to exit 4 of Yangsan Subway Station. The lobby is on the 6th floor.

Yangsan Shindoshi2


Yangsan Transportation Guide

Inter City Bus travel 20160213_122746

From 양산 시외 버스 터미널 (Yangsan intercity bus terminal), which is next to Emart, you can take buses to various places in Korea.  Here’s a timetable of the buses that depart from Yangsan.


Place names (Top from left to right): 울산 (Ulsan) 김해 (Gimhae) 전주 / 인산 / 군산 (Jeonju/Ilsan/Gunsan) 동서울 (East Seoul) 남서울 (South Seoul) 오산 / 수원 / 안산  (Osan / Suwon / Ansan) 진주 (Jinju) 해운대 (Haeundae)

Place names (Bottom from left to right): 보성 / 삼호 / 목포 (Boseong/Samho/Mokpo) 신평 (Sinpeong)  마산 (Masan) 창원 (Changwon) 경주, 포항 (Gyeongju, Pohang) 언양 (Eonyang) 고성 / 통영 (Goseong / Tongyeong)

Local Buses

There are a number of local buses which are cheap and reliable. More info can be found here (in Korean only): http://bus.yangsan.go.kr/

Here’s a list of some of them:

12 / 12-1 – Tongdosa to Busan

13 – Yangsan – Eonyang – Ulsan KTX Station

16 / 16-1 – Yangsan PNU Hospital – Busan

21 – Bukjeong -Mulgeum – Gupo (Busan)

23 – Bukjeong – Hopo – Gupo (Busan)

32 – Bukjeong – Mulgeum Station

128 / 128-1 – Bukjeong – Mulgeum Station

1200 – Bukjeong – Busan PNU/Oncheonjang

1300 – Yangsan PNU Hospital – Busan

1500 – Mulgeum Station – Busan PNU/Oncheonjang

3000 – Yangsan Emart – Ulsan KTX Station

Trains Mulgeum

  • Mulgeum Station – Trains run from here to Busan, east to Jinju and north towards Seoul.
  • Mulgeum isn’t a KTX station and only Mugunghwa and ITX trains (slower trains) run from here.
  • To catch a KTX train you will need to change trains at another station.
  • You can book online here (it’s in English): http://www.letskorail.com/ebizbf/EbizBfTicketSearch.do and collect your tickets at the station.
  • Several buses run to Mulgeum (32, 128, 128-1, 1500) from Yangsan E-mart, which takes 20-30 minutes depending on traffic.
  • To take a taxi,  tell the driver “물금 ” (Mulgeum yeog). Taxis cost 7000-8000 and it takes about 10-15 minutes to arrive at the station.
  • Alternatively you can catch a train from Ulsan KTX station (a 40 minute bus ride on the 3000 from Yangsan E-mart) or Gupo KTX station, which is approximately 35-40 minutes on the Subway from Yangsan station.Mulgeum map2

The Subway

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

  • The two main subway stations here are Yangsan and Namyangsan.
  • Line 2 (the green subway line) starts / ends in Yangsan and runs to Jangsan in Busan.
  • Be sure to buy a Cash Bee or T-Money card from a convenience store, which can be topped up on a “Transport Card Recharging” machine at any station and most convenience stores. These cards can also be used on buses.

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Getting Started



Getting Info for travel:

 Websites:  www.koreabrand.net, www. english.visitkorea.or.kr , www. english.busan.go.kr, www.facebook.com (check for travel groups)

Books: Lonely Planet

In Korea: Tourist maps and info can be obtained from bus stations, train stations and Tourist Info where available. (Korean word for map is Jee-doh ) As well many times city halls of town government offices will have maps. The maps will feature things to do in the town/city and surrounding area.

 Getting Around:

Trains: KTX is Korea’s Bullet train. There are two lines. A trip from Busan to Seoul takes aprox 2 hours and 40 minutes. The train also heads to Mokpo. Discounts can be obtained by travelling with four people and requesting a table. As well you can purchase train passes online. www.korail.com

There are also slower trains that go all over Korea. They are substantially cheaper than the KTX. They are the saemaul and mungunghwa trains. They stop at all the small towns and feature amenities such as coin operated computers with internet and singing rooms. 

Train Stations: Busan Station(Subway Stop 113)(Main station/KTX) Gupo(SS 314)(KTX) Haeundae(SS203)


Buses: The two main bus stations are Nopodong (SS 134) which serves buses to Seoul and all over Korea and Sassang(SS 227) which serves busses to Incheon and all over Korea.

Taxis: Are relatively cheap. You can use them as transportation between towns. Price is then negotiated. They are good for in town getting to new places. There are few street names in Korea so it is difficult to explain exactly where things are. So getting somewhere by taxi is a good way to find new places.  


Cars: Traffic can be heavy during morning and evening commute times. Roads are in good shape and signs clearly marked in English. Though spelling of town names can very often. It is not unusual to see two or three variations. Most of the Main expressways feature toll booths. Entering tolls you grab a ticket and then pay when you exit the expressway at the toll booth. If you own a car you can purchase a card reader that allows you to use an express lane that automatically charges a prepaid card or your visa.  


Motorcycles/scooters: Can be a quicker way to get around. Usually you can get around traffic jams. Motorcycles and scooters are supposed to stay in the right lane. Beware of the Taxi! Crosswalks are okay to use for crossing the street. Please be careful if you decide to ride. People do look out for you on two wheels as they are a big part of traffic here but there are still the people that don’t look out for anyone. It is best to drive very defensively.  


Places to Stay: 

Hotels- There are many hotels. The prices start at around 65,000 and rise till 300,000. www.korea.net/uesful_info/reservation/reservation_hotel.asp

Love Motels- During weekdays they can be as low as 30,000 on the weekend prices can double. For 50,000 you can get a pretty  nice room. They can include computers, big screen LCD TVs, Jacuzzi tubs and if you are lucky a circle bed. They are usually fairly discrete and they are safe. Though be aware they are the places people go to hookup.

Hostels- They run around 20,000 night. There are several in Busan and Seoul and some scattered around Korea. www.HIhostels.com

Yeogwans(여관) Are cheap places to stay. You get your own room. They are basic but feature a TV and private washrooms. They are usually around 20,000 a night. Signs will only be in Korean.

Min bak(민박)-  Are in the country side. They start around 15,000 and up. They very in what they are. Some are very basic guesthouses to motel rooms. Signs will only be in Korean.

Jimjilbang- Are the cheapest option. They range from  7,000-10,000. You sleep in common rooms on the floor. Blankets are provided. They also have saunas and sometimes exercise facilities. They are 24 hours so you can go anytime. You can usually find them by seeing 24 hrs 사우나 on the building.


Emergency Numbers/Translation

119 is the 911 of Korea. 1588-5644 is a number you call for translation services. They have volunteers available for several different languages.

Korean romanization

One frustration of travelling is the ever changing spellings of town names. To keep it as simple as possible there exist three different romanization systems. The original featured breves, apostrophes and diereses. In the country it is more likely to come across old signs with this system. The two newer systems are similar except several letters are different. Is it Busan or Pusan? The Korean governments official romanization is Busan. There is an effort to be more consistent. Letters that change most consistently k/g, ch/j, d/t. Throw in the occasional spelling mistakes and it is best to learn Hangul. Admittedly it is a good thing Busan named their film festival under the older romanization otherwise it would have been Biff. 

Drinking tap water

Drinking the Tap water in most cities in South Korea is safe to drink. Tap water in Seoul and Busan is the same quality of North American cities. Each city sells their own brand of bottled tap water. Busan’s brand is Sun Su, 순수.


Maps of Korea and Korean Cities