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    I realize what made me feel so set off yesterday after my first day of work at a temp. job in Monroe where I am supposed to be proofreading, but what really happened is I proofread and then proceeded to do a lot of confusing shit because no one knows what anyone else is doing. Seriously, no one knows. This is why they need temps, because they have completely screwed the pooch and need to clean it up.
  • Koreans remix classic Pachelbel Canon in D

    In case you weren't a music minor or planning a wedding, Pachelbel's Canon in D is one of those classic songs you tend to hear at weddings, among other places. While surfing the web this morning, I stumbled across a couple videos combining B-boys, a group of 가야금 (Gayagum, or a zither) players, and a beatboxer.
  • Korean Mother-In-Law Blues

    Korean Mother-in-Law Blues

    Had a mother-in-law

    From Korea

    Yes! My mother-in-law

    Lives in Korea!

    But me, I’m stuck back here

    Without my mother-in-law


    She had veggie gardens,

    And homemade wine

    She had veggie gardens,

    And homemade wine

    I loved those veggie gardens

  • Autumn on the Peninsula

    Fall comes late around here, at the bottom of the peninsula. Though we're officially a month in, the trees are still green and the days are warm. Many of my students still wear shorts, and some of the girls have yet to hang up the miniskirts - not that I'm complaining. It has cooled down and the nights require a coat, but it's not yet close to cold. Summer lingers here in Busan, though the threads that connect us to it are fraying by the second.
  • Dance card

    My dance card is filling up.

    It always seems to happen this way. Or, at least, I perceive it as such. Feast or famine. Long periods of trying to eke out a career, working odd hours at this job or another. No one gets back to you on your assignments. And, then:

    ongoing freelance work through your old employer
    a nearly $2,000 assignment for a medical equipment company that intimidates the shit out of you
    an ongoing unpaid travel writing gig you hope can pay dividends in the form of exposure and experience
    a new Edible Jersey story
  • Considerations

    For about a minute, I weighed my options: do I take the $15 an hour, 40 hour a week temp. job proofreading at some place in Monroe, even though I got no notice and need to start tomorrow, or do I say no to it because I don't want to leave my $10 an hour job sitting in a farm store in a lurch?

    Hopefully, the farm understands. I'll still be there on Sundays.
  • Honeymoon: Off to Hong Kong

    Our wedding finished on the Saturday and we left Busan for the honeymoon on the following Monday. Having not had a holiday since Beijing in February last year, we were both looking forward to getting out and about again. Heather and I have a tendency to overload our schedules during working life, but traveling for us isn't very relaxing either. We try to make the most of it when we are lucky enough to leave the country, so traveling isn't good for relaxation, it's good for the change of scenery.
  • Why Come Home?

    Okay, so my first post was a bit gloomy, and returning to America after ten years in Korea, has not been easy, but in the end, after all options have been weighed:

    Stay in Korea Pros:

    • cash for the whole family
    • work for my me and my wife
    • entertainment for the whole family
    • friendly neighbors and family
    • thorough and quality education for the boys

    Korea Cons:


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