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ARKpop Podcast Ep 49 by ARKPop


Our first anniversary has come and gone, with us of course hilariously forgetting to mention it on time. For those of you who just joined or who have been with us the entire way we’ve prepared a very special celebratory episode.

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KPop Podcast - Episode 46 – Gone Too Soon


Whitney Houston, inspiration to a generation of singers passed away yesterday in LA at the age of 48. The cause of her death is currently still under investigation. As I’m typing this the Grammy Awards are minutes away from starting and have likely cobbled together a quick tribute to her. It is a tremendous loss in the music community & that resonates with us as well.

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Episode 45 – The Darker Side of Kpop

Sorry for the late episode post, real life is still interfering as best it can with Noelle’s editing process. Here we discuss a pretty interesting news segment on the Hallyu wave done by a fairly major English language 24 hour news broadcaster. Download Episode 45 (right click and save as)     Rumors Somebody reunites [...]