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ARKPodcast Episode 14 – Wanna Be Loved


Things have cooled down substantially the past week in fandom, so this week’s free talk is a little less controversial. Noelle is sick this week, just a few days before her birthday, poor girl. The fact that she’s edited this episode so quickly is testament to how insane she is.

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ARKPodcast Episode 14 – Wanna Be Loved

Negotiating in Korea & Preserving the Past: KBC speaks w/ Peter Bartholomew

Produced by Steven Bammel 
and hosted by Tom Tucker.

May 20, 2011The Korea Business Interview Series

Peter Bartholomew 
"Promoting the Value of High-Tech Shipbuilding and Traditional Architecture in Korea"

Peter Bartholomew is Vice President of IRC, Ltd. in Seoul, and supporter of efforts to preserve Korean hanok and other historical assets.

* * *

There are few people more qualified to discuss the Korean economic miracle than Peter Bartholomew. Having arrived as a Peace Corps volunteer, he has remained in Korea almost continuously since 1968. Peter worked in a Korean company for almost a decade in the 1970s, and for the last 28 years, he has run IRC, Ltd. in Seoul, specializing in the shipbuilding and construction sectors.

In this interview, Peter shares deep insights about Korean business, including techniques for negotiating with Koreans, as well as about efforts to preserve traditional hanok homes, an area on which he is particularly passionate. He believes that a modern Korea should be compatible with maintaining the natural and historical assets of the past.


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can be found on Korea Business Central

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Negotiating in Korea & Preserving the Past: KBC w/ Peter Bartholomew