Talk with the cast of the Vagina Monologues (extended cut)

Vagina Monologues
A Discussion with the cast of The Vagina Monologues which will be performed April 25 at the Monk in Kyungsungdae (in Busan).  Event Details

The Vagina Monologues are being held to support shelters that help women in Korea who have been victims of sex trafficking. 
Donations to the Durebang  Shelter can be sent to:
농 협 (Nong Hyup)
Account#:  552-01-009307

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While Koreabridge does its best to avoid/block nasty insults, petty bickering, and snide comments, we are not at all opposed to mature themes or adult language - in fact we like the interesting stuff. In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting pieces of media to ever appear on KB. Great job Mindy and thanks to the cast. Looking forward to a very interesting Sunday night. By the way, for those who won't be able to attend in person, we hope to provide a live stream of the performance, followed by a post-show discussion with the cast. Jeff

Give it a rest!

To be fair, your posts have been outrageous at times, arrogant and naive.I am in total agreement with the Manager on this one.In fairness, you do post a lot of useful stuff .Please don't make it about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Angel my posts are

Thank you Angel my posts are all of the above but they are not vulgar.

The 'vagina monologues' that's definately what Korean people want to stare them in the face and read when they visit this site. I hope for their sake and the foreign community they don't know the meaning of the word. It's such a nice word to use around dinner table family time.

Why don't you just make it easier and write bo-gee in brackets? Same them the hastle of looking the word up.

Vagina doesn't equal vulgar

"Vagina" is a medical term- it's no more obscene than femur, urethra, larynx. The word you felt so free to romanize and print here is vulgar slang in Korean. Nice work exercizing tact.

Additionally, since when is ignorance celebrated? "I hope .... they don't know the meaning of the word." Are people not supposed to know about their bodies? This is exactly the kind of narrowminded, ignorantly conservative, and ultimately, dangerous mindset the Vagina Monologues aims to counteract. 

And on a sidenote, why would people be eating together round a computer screen discussing it's contents over dinner?

Feel free to adress further concerns in regards to this here or to me directly at [email protected].

Numerous times around Korea?

Numerous times around Korea? That makes it all better?

Would you use this word talking to your mother? I certainly wouldn't. Personally, I don't have a problem with it but it does stop people in it's tracks.

I just don't think it's something that my middle school private students should be stepping upon when they visit this site.

I mention it to address this

I mention it to address this point of yours:

I hope for their sake and the foreign community they don't know the meaning of the word.

Previous performances of the Vagina Monologues in Korea have received only praise. The word 'vagina' has been a non-issue, except for you.

vagina monologues

the word vagina is spoken at my home several times a day.  we discuss it at all three meals when we feel like.  my Mother even uses the word over the skype without batting an eye, as do i.  vagina is a wonderful word for everyone to use.  i think it is awesome that the vagina monologues are being performed for charity here in busan.  as far as middle school students visiting this site, perhaps they will actually look into what the vagina monologues are.  in turn that might cause them to join the path of better treatment for women worldwide, afterall that is  the whole idea, the way i understand it.  if one cannot use the word vagina around their Mom, around whom close to them can they use it?  what an imperfect world this is, not being able to say vagina in front of your Mom.  i would not talk to my Mom if she did not let me use the word vagina.  it was the first thing i saw in my life!

Your mother must be very

Your mother must be very proud of you and of the entire cast. You've done so much for the foreign community with this. Forgive me for finding offence in such a commonly used word. I think I will use it daily in my classes with Korean students and I'm sure I will hold my job until the end of my contract. and keep all of my 'privates'. 

Thanks for setting me straight.  

Vagina Vagina Vagina

What's wrong with saying this word?

It doesn't sound sexy,sure. Some people might freak out a little bit when they realize that it is not a word from a french cookbook.

But what is so wrong with saying the word??

What is the vagina monologues? it definitely is something about which middle school students will freak out ..but most middles school students freak out about a lot of things..should we be very afraid of them? i think we should be afraid for them if they are not even curious about what the word means..

Vagina Monologues is an important part of a world-wide campaign to stop violence against women and girls.

In order for women to feel valued enough to protect themselves from brutality, they need to be in complete control over their mind and body.

Most of women in the times of war and sometimes even in times of peace don't have control over either of those. They need to be protected and well-cared for. In order for that to happen people need to raise the awareness of violence against women.

how are we to do that? there are pamphlets, brochures and TV news going on and on about what those women go through and how we should help them..but that is not enough ..that is not powerful enough..

i believe that empathy is the highest form of human emotions..if we put ourselves in their shoes just for one day ..just for one night...and feel what they must have gone through..or even worse what they are going through as i write this..then we will start to realize how important it is to inform people of cruelty that is happening to women of the world..

I sincerely hope that the members of the Korea bridge will go to the show, support the ladies in the show and donate some money to help the charity.


Vagina Vagina Vagina

Let's hope there's nothing wrong with saying that word. I've said it many, many, many, many, many, many, many times.

Unbelievable~! What year is it?

First of all, the word 'vagina' in Korean is 'eumgyung', not any of the profane derrivitives, you were using.  It is acceptable for women to use it in Korea, and talk to their mothers about it.  I have lived here for nine years, and I have a Korean wife and when she needs to to go to the OB/GYN for feminine problems, she has no problems saying vagina in either language.  She has used it with her mother growing up, and used it when talking with our daughter.  My female University students have used both the words 'vagina' and 'eumgyoung' to me in their descriptions of illnesses that prevented them from attending class (most likely because they thought it was an excuse I wouldn't challenge -they were right). 

Secondly, you have to give Korean people a little credit.  They are not the backwards fear mongering people who believe that cameras will take away their soul, or that if a woman is raped she is asking for it, or that you cannot utter the word 'Vagina' in public.  In fact, this is the second performance of the vagina monologues in Busan since I have been here.  The first was put on by an all Korean ensemble, performed in Korean.  And I know this because they plastered their posters all over town.  The poster contained the English and the Korean versions of the title.  There was no outrage.  No groups protesting or demanding that the posters be taken down or the performance canceled.  No christian groups postering about the moral decay of their society. 

My advice to you Mr. Lee, if that is your real name, is to go back to America where there is a lot of support for your version of moral turpitude.  You would think someone who's name is 'bum suck' would be a little more mature about words that describe parts of the body.

Daftness abound, I have no

Daftness abound, I have no problem with adults using this word.

Where my problem lies in is the fact that many of my private students visit this site and they are not at the age where they should be reading this word in English especially neoned up and in capital letters.

I don't think adolescents should be exposed to this type of language. If you think it's imperative that 12 year olds know this word then teach it your classes next week see if you have a job come next Monday.


ps: the personal insults are retarded and the rant of troll? please....grow up. 


Time to ignore Lee Bum Suk

It is far past time to start ignoring the ignorant rants of Lee Bum Suk!

He is either a "troll" or someone who is so closed-minded as to really have no business being here.

An Internet "troll" is someone who posts with opposing and often offensive or obscene opinions in order to incite other posters to argue with inflammatory views and get everyone riled up. They get off on pushing people's buttons just to do it- very immature!

If Lee Bum Suk is actually sincere, then he is one of those closed-minded individuals who seeks to promote the culture of shame and secrecy for women that, for centuries, has pushed women to be shamed about their sexuality and forced them to keep quiet about issues that concern them and, most importantly, pushed them to keep quiet about the extremely serious issue of sexual violence.  This whole endeavor seeks to end that!

If Lee Bum Suk were open to discussion and learning about these issues, that would be one thing.  Clearly, he is not open to any discussion at all.  He only seeks to disparage those involved and the very idea itself.  To that, I say clear off, we don't need you!

Good day!

As for "protecting children", this site is not intended for children. It is for helping the foreign community and mature Korean residents to share information.  It is NOT an English teaching tool.  If someone has directed their adolescent students here, then seek to censor all content to make it "safe" for young kids, then that is the mistake of that person and not the responsibility of everyone here to help them out.

The whole idea of keeping adolescents ignorant in the hopes of keeping them "pure & innocent" is ridiculous and, most of all, it doesn't work. The kids who don't learn about these types of things from adults learn it from other sources that often cause them problems.  The idea that kids should not even learn the scientific terms for their own body parts is completely absurd!

Something tells me that Lee Bum Suk has some very serius issues of his own that are not our fault, nor our responsibility.

I said good day!

Hee Sucks Buns

In fairness to Mr Buns Suk, I think he has the right intentions here. Though, I think he may be off base here. Specifically, in terms of the origin, context and essence of the word he is misguided. He must be from the UK, because I reckon you would get a reaction there, using the word. I think the word is more commonly used in the USA, Canada, and Australia. In the UK, people are more conservative to a point. It a question of”bounded rationality", he probably doesn't like the use. It does not make him a fool, or an idiot. This forum allows us all to express our opinions and he has the right to air his. Let’s be fair, what would we have to complain about, or write about, if he wasn’t posting?I like him when he's not doing his own Vag9 monologue.

I do have issues Mr. May it's

I do have issues Mr. May it's called parenthood. Do you get your thoughts on this matter from your vast experience as a parent? One will do just about anything to protect their own.

I agree with you perhaps this site isn't child oriented but they might stumble across it. I won't be directing students in the future to visit it. The 'other sources' you quote are indeed futile to control, I can't be around 24/7 but at least sex.ed is taught in schools and in my opinion the only viable safe source. The birds and the bees are a touchy subject here for most Korean parents Mr. May. Most Korean children don't even know how their parents met for god sakes. It's taboo, you don't ask or talk about such things. 

Also, you didn't answer my question. I asked you directly do you think it's appropriate for adolescents to view this type of adult content; ie. the vagina monologues? So if you would answer the question, I will be done with this issues.

Thank you and good day to you.




Not our job!

"All knowledge is learning and therefore good"

Yes, I do believe that children should learn about scientific terms and their own sexuality.

The idea of keeping them "pure & innocent" by attempting to keep them ignorant is absolutely absurd!

It is a custom of the past that we now know doesn't work and only causes the problems of kids getting into trouble without realizing the real consequences.

It is not our job to "protect the children".  It is your job to raise your children, not ours. Attempting to censor the world in the hopes of "protecting children" is ludicrous.

This whole endeavor is a mature subject that seeks to help people in a mature way.

Choosing the name "Bum Suk" certainly shows your maturity level.

Do you explain to kids what it means?

Those in glass houses...!

"Most Korean children don't

"Most Korean children don't even know how their parents met for god sakes. It's taboo, you don't ask or talk about such things."

That's exactly the point!

The secrecy, the shame, the not talking about issues only causes problems.

It helps no one!

Yes, it is appropriate.

The word vagina is an appropriate one for this website.  The reason I and many others come to this site is to read about what is going on in the expat community.  This week the Vagina Monologues are being performed.  This is information that I and many others here on this site are interested in. To leave the name out would be inappropriate to the mission of this website. 

I suggest that you not visit this site so it is not in your history, and therefor your children cannot stumble onto it accidentally.  Also be careful to ensure the other 22 million plus sites that also contain the word vagina are not viewed.  But please don't expect the rest of us to censor ourselves on a website intended for adults to make up for someone else's lack of parental supervision.  That would be quite inappropriate.

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world around him.  The unreasonable man attempts to adapt the world to himself." -George Bernard Shaw.

Enough Said? Let's be reasonable and drop it.  Just enjoy the show.

 I didn't know it was Korea

 I didn't know it was Korea 'adult' bridge and targeted to the only over age of 19 expat community and not their families.  I never thought I'd ever see this word on this site in any form or content; certainly not in a forum post and definately not in a main forum post. It was a real shock for me. I thought the establishment had class, I thought wrong.   

Nice quote, perhaps if Mr Shaw had had children of his own he might have experienced how unreasonable parents can be when it comes to the welfare of their children. You don't know the first thing about me or my family so leave the raising to me, cut out 'make up' remarks that you have no idea about and you can have your word Chicago.  

Enough said? reasonable and dropped.

thanks for reminding everyone

yes, i did use it.  it is awesome when people talk about things of which they have no idea.  i get a kick out of reading posts, so i thought it would be wrong of me not to allow others the pleasure.  on another note, thanks for reminding all the koreabridge readers how important parental involvement in their children's internet use is.  thank you for that.  however, i am still trying to think of a good reason why a middle school student would a)not know what a vagina is and at least 10 names for it or 2)actually look at this site(unless they were forced).  either way, at least some students will be spared the dangers of real life

 He must be from the UK,

 He must be from the UK, because I reckon you would get a reaction there, using the word. I think the word is more commonly used in the USA, Canada, and Australia. In the UK, people are more conservative to a point.

I'm from the UK, I don't believe that people are more conservative in the UK. Maybe my grandmother (?) it all depends on where you come from, your age, your social group etc. I don't think generalising about countries helps the discussion, especially when they are made up of so many diverse groups.

As far as I am concerned the vagina is a part of my body, not a dirty word. My parents taught me from a very early age to use that word to describe that part of my body. I believe I had a book about "the body" for children in which this word was used. As well as penis. In primary school we were taught about our bodies, discussed childbirth in one class. On the very basic level if children are led to believe that "that area" is a dirty, or profane area they will be less likely to tell their parents if something is wrong 'down there' leading to health issues, shame issues and worse. (for both sexes).

Vagina is not an "adult" 19+ topic of conversation.


Great Show!

I attended the performance and it was a great show!

I really learned some things.

[personal attack removed - explanation here]