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November 16, 2011The Korea Business Interview Series

Dr. David Dolinger
"A Participant in Korean History and in Korean-Led Innovation of the Global Medical Industry"

Dr. David Dolinger, Vice-President at Seegene, Inc. in Seoul, Korea

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The contrasts between the Korea of the 1970s and the Korea of today are vast and few people bring as unique a perspective to these changes as Dr. David Dolinger, who, having spent nearly 30 years outside Korea, returned in early 2011 as vice president at Seegene, one of Korea’s most dynamic and forward-looking companies.

With an academic and professional background in the medical field, Dr. Dolinger shares about his work as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Korea in the late 1970s, including his incredible involvement in the Gwangju Incident of 1980. His uncommon understanding of Korean culture and the Korean mindset also contribute to his many insights about working at Seegene and the future of medicine in Korea and the world.

Deepen your understanding of Korea by listening as David shares from his experiences and expertise!

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