Episode 61 - Scandal, Scandal, Burning Bright by Always Rational Kpop Podcast


Excuse the lateness, please. Both this episode and the next to be released were recorded last month, which accounts for the discussions that are a bit dated. The delays are my fault as my weekends (best available time to edit) suddenly got taken up by softball. Never fear though, I think the discussion here is pretty interesting as we seem to work best when we’re talking about scandal.

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We all have accidentally clicked send on the wrong thing, most of us haven't been a much lusted after Kpop star with an "innocent" image while doing it.


“New Releases”

  • Son Dambi – Tears are Falling
  • Miss $ – Good Night
  • Jerry K. – Good Night
  • Jerry K. – You’re not a Lady
  • B1A4 – Tried to Walk
  • Peppertones – Open Run
<a href=”http://www.billboard.com/news/bigbang-in-america-behind-the-scenes-with-...”>Small Interview with Big Bang /Concert BTS</a> by Billboard Magazine
Hyuna talks with <a href=”http://www.interviewmagazine.com/music/hey-sexy-lady-hyuna-k-pops-gangna...”>Interview Magazine</a>
Free Talk: If you were in charge of a company where two artists got caught in a dating scandal what would your Press Release say?

Opening Song: Block B – Mental Breaker
Insert Songs: Hyuna – Unripe (Green) Apple ft. Jung Ilhoon of BTOB
Miss A – I Don’t Need a Man
Closing Song: NS Yoonji –  If You Love Me ft. Jay Park

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