Episode 56 - He Said, We Think She Said by Always Rational Kpop Podcast


In this Typically late episode, recorded during the height of  the Olympics and the full swell of the Gangnam Style viral phenomenon as well as less than two weeks after T-ara’s controversy. We dedicated our episode solely to what we knew about those two things at the time.

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BoA, Se7en, Wonder Girls, SNSD, etc can't top this.

CNN Report

In case you still haven’t seen the video, it’s now up to almost 80 million views

Discussion about the regulation of the uploading of online music videos that went into rule August 18th.

Somewhat Free Talk:

Are T-ARA bullies? Are they getting their just desserts? Or are they being unfairly persecuted due to piss-poor management, bad decisions in the public spotlight and our own desperation to fill in the narrative with our imaginations?

Since we frequently bring it up, here are some similarities in the Timeline between the departure of Nam Gyuri from Seeya and Ryu Hwayoung from T-ARA.

Their comeback has now been pushed back to September after a publicly released handwritten apology.


Interesting sounding film named “Toy” upcoming.

Opening Song: Geeks & Jo Hyuna – Stay
Closing Song: PSY – Gangnam Style

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