ATEK Presidential Transition Webast

ATEK Presidential Transition Webast 
August 26, 2010

Participants: Greg Dolezal (outgoing president), Oh Jae Hee(incoming president) Rob Ouwehand , Chris Backe, & Jeff Lebow

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Re: ATEK Presidential Transition Webast

09:30:55  chosunbimbo ->  On HIV - what do you say to Schools who still require mandatory HIV testing in spite of changes at the ministry of justice and confusion between them and Immigrtion?
09:32:19  Jeff ->  hello CB
09:32:29  Jeff ->  will get that question in
09:33:43  chosunbimbo ->  2nd question - didn't the new pres stand unopposed? 
09:37:27  chosunbimbo ->  Chris is a cylon
09:39:21  chosunbimbo ->  IS that true?
09:39:29  Jeff ->  yep
09:39:44  chosunbimbo ->  Pension is mandatory for all full time workers in Korea, regardless of job
09:40:16  chosunbimbo ->  Also most of the K-Hakwon teachers I know are members of one of the two Teacher's unions anyway
09:41:16  chosunbimbo ->  Not a hakwon union - the two main teacher's unions
09:41:27  Jeff ->  right, for public schools
09:41:40  chosunbimbo ->  Yeah - but Hakwon teachers can join
09:41:58  Jeff ->  I don't think most do
09:42:27  chosunbimbo ->  that might be the case but I know 4 or 5 who are members of a union
09:42:49  chosunbimbo ->  What about Foreigners joining the established unions?
09:43:11  chosunbimbo ->  From what I have seen those groups don't stand for no S**t! Heehee
09:43:23  roboseyo ->  maybe that's one of the reasons English public school teachers are labeled "assistant" teachers - so they couldn't join established unions
09:52:38  roboseyo ->  heckle, huh?
09:55:48  chosunbimbo ->  I have a question: What are you going to do to DEFEND the good name of English teachers the next time there is a TV program that erroniously paints Foreigners as mad weirdo pedophioles and Immigration and the Minisry of Justice rewrite the immigration rules YET AGAIN in a kneejerk reacdtion?
09:56:04  chosunbimbo ->  *reaction
09:57:39  roboseyo ->  yeah I hate when that happens.
09:58:47  chosunbimbo ->  What is your position on Anti-English Spectrum?
10:26:46  roboseyo ->  hi caveman
10:27:08  caveman ->  hey roboseyo
10:27:19  caveman ->  I figure I missed most of it, but thought I would check in
10:35:35  roboseyo ->  :) hope it's been worthwhile for you.
10:36:06  caveman ->  I have always been interested but skeptical, so the more information I have the better really
10:36:11  caveman ->  sorry I missed the show
10:36:24  caveman ->  but congrats on your nuptials, best choice I ever made! ;-)
10:48:49  roboseyo ->  thanks, caveman.
10:49:59  caveman ->  looking forward to learning more ab out ATEK
10:53:00  roboseyo ->  got any questions in specific?
10:53:39  caveman ->  no, not at the moment, I am one of those long-time probably lifers
10:53:51  caveman ->  so have lots of questions, but nothing apropos for right now
10:55:26  caveman ->  haha, I remember that part of my contract too Jeff!
10:56:50  roboseyo ->  one of the problems with those contracts is that some of those laws have changed, while the contracts continue to be cut-and-pasted from the original in 1994 or something
10:58:03  caveman ->  yeah I know, but I have very little problem with that actually, it was more funny than anything
11:00:42  caveman ->  my one concern is there seems to be a disconnect between the fact that we think we are equal as far as teaching goes with the Korean teacher. We are not the same, but quite different really. It doesn't mean we should be shoved aside, but it is hard to argue for equality
11:04:15  caveman ->  anyways, to be discussed at a later date I hope. Cheers