ARKpopPodcast - Episode 8 – [Untitled]


Welcome to the episode that falls apart because we suddenly realized that what we had lined up for Free Talk was not good enough, so we had to improvise, badly. The rest of the episode is good probably.

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As always, first off the bat is news.

  • The three isolated members of KARA (Seungyeon, Nicole & Hara) and their parents reach an agreement with DSP. Rejoice ye embattled Kamilia.
  • Your weekly JYJ news (rolls eyes). CJES initiates a lawsuit against AVEX in Japan for blocking JYJ’s right to do business and hold concerts.
  • SM Entertainment to invest in a theme park.
  • Rumours swirl around Seo Taiji.
  • f(x) returns and wins #1. Congratulations. Since we didn’t post anything about their comeback, here you go:
  • After School returns with a Tap Dance Routine. Everybody rejoices and this is the other group I (Dame Dr. Foxy Brown) break my above five/six membered girl group rule for.  Despite the silly title Shampoo, it is a sweet love song, penned by a poet and composed by Japanese musician Daishi Dance.

I'd look like this too if you just told me Raina was going to be lead in a video with a man that attractive.


The aforesaid male lead

Watch for when the New Girl: Raina starts dancing for the first time. Is it just me or does that bit remind you of the movie Sucker Punch?

  • Jay Park releases his debut solo EP, Take a Deeper Look and it is pretty awesome. Bonus points for featuring Dok2 and The Quiett. A little disappointed at the inclusion of the Original version of Bestie as I much preferred the remix, but to each his/her own. Double bonus points for releasing his English Lyrics for abandoned and singing it a little so fans get the idea if they want to do covers.
  • SISTAR announces a sub-unit SISTAR19 consisting of lead vocalist Hyorin & Rapper Bora. They released a teaser for their upcoming single: Ma Boy.
  • SM Town in Paris sold out in 15 minutes. Go European K-Pop fans.
  • 2AM should have already wrapped up their promotional activities in Manila, Philippines long before this post goes online. Noelle has participated in none of this, which is entirely her fault and you should definitely berate her for not doing so.

Free Talk for this week’s episode doesn’t happen the way it normally does, with semi-intelligent conversation. I will take the blame for this week, I forgot whatever good idea I had, and the topic that was sitting there in the notes would only end up re-hashing ideas we’ve already discussed several weeksprior so we ended up doing a tiny bit of what we listen to the most.

Noelle’s iPod reflects that she has been listening to Dong Bang Shin Ki’s entire discography, which should surprise no one, case in point:

  1. DBSK – Crazy Love
  2. DBSK – Picture of you
  3. DBSK – You’re My Melody
  4. DBSK – Flower Lady
  5. Jaejoong from DBSK – Forgotten Season

Mine reflects the following five songs:

  1. Teen Top – Supa Love
  2. 2AM – I was wrong
  3. BEAST – Take Care of My Girlfriend/Say No
  4. BIG BANG – Lollipop 2
  5. Lee Hyori – How Did We Get ft. Daesung.

Next week we’ll actually attempt to have something structured.

This week in our artist spotlight is 4-membered rock band Nell.  Taking influence from Radiohead, Muse, Placebo and others, Nell was a breath of fresh air at a time when the industry was slightly less cluttered with idols.  Releasing their first indie albums in 2001, they were signed by Seo Taiji and when their contract expired they moved on to Woolim (home of Epik High & Infinite) and their last album was released in 2008.

  • Kim Jong-wan: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Songwriter
  • Lee Jae-kyung: Lead Guitar
  • Lee Jung-hoon: Bass Guitar
  • Jung Jae-won: Drums

I was introduced to them primarily through their collaborations with Epik High, specifically Let it Rain & Untitled.  Let It Rain was also the title of their 2003 album, but we both agreed on Healing Process being the most accessible of their albums, though they’re all fairly easy to listen to.

Nell – Good Night (There is a fairly good explanation for the lyrics here on the youtube page)

Nell – Limit (Fan Made Video with English Subs)

Nell – Self Infliction

Nell – 기억을 걷는 시간

A performance of Let it Rain by Epik High ft. Kim Jong Wan

I’ll Be Missing You


Lastly we cover a bit of business, our Soribada Giveaway.

Opening Song: C.N BLUE – Love Girl (Acoustic Ver.)
Insert Songs:

After School – Shampoo

Nell – 기억을 걷는 시간 (Time Spent Walking Through Memories)

Epik High feat. Nell – Untitled

Closing Song: Jay Park feat. Dok2 – Abandoned