ARKPop Podcast - Episode 62 – We Expect So Much of You


Probably the last episode to be released in 2012, but will be followed by our Top Singles of 2012 episode and our Top Scandals of 2012 episode, so you have a lot to look forward to. This episode is a bit dated, but we had fun recording so you guys should be able to enjoy it.

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The End?

Kpop artists snubbed from Kohaku
The Last Great Wonderbang special stage.

Sunye’s upcoming nuptials. We talk a bit about how that’s going to affect The Wonder Girls going forward.
SM & JYJ’s two sides allegedly come to an agreement finally.
Our MAMA Discussion

You can view all of the MAMA performances if you missed them on Mnet’s account here.
Davichi opts to re-sign with CCM despite almost ditching the company entirely.
How much do sites like allkpop have influence over how we perceive the Korean Music Industry?Example A: Zico/Hwayoung scandal.
Opening Song: Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker
Ending Song: Wonder Girls – Like This


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