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Gone Mainstream(er)

With Noelle unfortunately unable to participate due to health and personal reasons I went it alone in this recording, attempting to put my thoughts together on Epik High’s 7th album 99, as well as to reply to 3 emails we had from really nice listeners. I tried my best to keep the conversation going on my own, but hopefully I won’t have to do this very often. As an apology, this episode has background music, 11 tracks from various Epik High albums that I believe show off the diversity of their sound.

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Here are the two videos from this latest project


For Comparison’s sake here’s the last video from their final release under Woolim

For a lot of people their music videos were a great part of the reason why Epik High stood apart from many of the other artists in the mainstream.

Unfortunately there were some recording issues with Audacity so around minutes 15-18 the audio goes a bit wonky. My advice is to focus your hearing portion of your brain on the songs in the background.

Song List: All songs by Epik High links go to translated lyrics

  1. Paris (Link goes to remix) – Swan Songs (Album 3)
  2. 해복합니다 (Happiness) (feat. JW of Nell) - Remapping the Human Soul pt. 2 – The Heart (Album 4)
  3. Fan - Remapping the Human Soul – The Brain (Album 4)
  4. 연필깎이 (Pencil Sharpener) (feat. Kebee) - Pieces, Part 1 (Album 5)
  5. 따라해 (Wannabe) (feat. Mellow) - [e] (Album 6)
  6. 피해망상 (Paranoia) Part 3 Ft. TobBob & Yankie - High Society (Album 2)
  7. Daydream - High Society (Album 2)
  8. 알고 보니 (feat. Jinbo) - Remapping the Human Soul – The Brain (Album 4)
  9. Lesson 3 (MC) - Swan Songs (Album 3)
  10. Open M.i.c. (featuring Eun Jiwon, Yankie, TopBob, Tweak, Dynamic Duo) - High Society (Album 2)
  11. Let it Rain ft. Nell - Swan Songs (Album 3)

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