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Our first anniversary has come and gone, with us of course hilariously forgetting to mention it on time. For those of you who just joined or who have been with us the entire way we’ve prepared a very special celebratory episode.

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We’re going through a lot of our favorite topics and revisiting our thoughts on events.

Prominent News Stories:
U-KISS’ member Shuffle
JYJ being cockblocked
MBLAQ and our opinion on Thunder
KARA’s contract negotiations and Japan Success
The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family wielding that almighty (if mostly belated) banhammer.

Favorite Comebacks/Debuts and New Releases of the Past Year (WARNING: video heavy), (additional warning, Hyuna)
4minute – Heart to Heart

Big Bang – Tonight

DBSK – Before U GO

Rania – Dr. Feelgood

SNSD – The Boys

Wonder Girls – Be My Baby

B2ST – Fact & Fiction

Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker

Hyuna – Bubblepop

After School – Virgin

SISTAR19 – Ma Boy

Tablo – Fever’s End

2PM – Hands UP


BEG – Sixth Sense

N-Train – One Last Cry

Free Talk:
We revisit Jung Ja Yeon’s death letters and wonder if anything has truly changed.
Artists being overworked and underpaid, the ruthless training system and older idols finding their critical voices.
Of course, the topic of 2011 – RACISM.
K-Pop departs for the West, and its plans of global domination.
Entertainment industry suicides.
Sasaeng/Privates and all of this.
Self-image, beauty, aegyo and the relentless sexualization of idols (often children) and their “innocence”.
Our Great Idol Steal & Idol Singing Royale, both to be continued.

Opening Song: m-flo & 2NE1 – She’s So (Outta Control)
Closing Song: Big Bang – Bad Boy

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