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In this episode we read off our very first bit of fanmail and we take our second fan-request, the first being to talk about MBLAQ.

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  • World Domination
    • KBS to have a Music Bank World Tour, so far confirmed to happen in New York, China and Vietnam with Europe on the docket as well.
    • SBS’ Kpop Star to hold auditions in Argentina and Paris.
    • Takaoka Sousuke, Japanese actor, takes to twitter to vent his annoyance at Hallyu & Korean culture’s omnipresence on FujiTV and is subsequently released from his agency for his comments. Takaoka, who had played the role of a Korean-Japanese immigrant writes about his life and issues here after his comments, telling the “full” story.  Here’s an interesting analysis of the events.
  • YG Entertainment News
    • Yang Hyun Suk announces plans to create a YG version of SNSD.
  • Banhammer News
    • The banning committee hops in the way-back machine and prevents us from listening to Jewelry’s “One More Time” without a 19+ sticker.
  • Comebacks/New Releases/Debuts
    • AS Red reveals their MV for “In the Night Sky”
    • BoM debuts with “Without You”. BoM’s rapper Tagoon is also known as Mino and as a former Block B trainee he featured heavily on Zico’s mixtape.

      Mino with Block B’s Kyung covering Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me a River
    • Teen Top returns with No More Perfume on You/Don’t Spray the Perfume

    •  Super Junior reveals their full slew of teaser pics and reveals their concept to be “ubersexual”
    • Dynamic Duo is about to be discharged from the army.
    • Supreme Team’s Simon Dominic and E-Sens to release solo albums
    • Hwanhee returns with his first full length solo album, Hwanhee. He also announces that he is producing an upcoming boyband.
  • Douchey News
    • Korean Registration numbers for thousands of artists leaked.


Free Talk

Like I mentioned in the intro, we got our first ever fan email and in it she requested that we do a bit on Fanservice. This was kind of difficult for us because we’re not particularly proponents of fanservice, but we soon found that like with most things, we have a lot to say.

My understanding of Fanservice came from an anime-heavy background, so I mentioned some recent examples of it being pushed too far. These clips are probably not safe for work, unless your workplace is awesome about this sort of thing.

High School of the Dead

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Transformation

D City Rock (Awesome in Show Music Video)

We also went on to talk about the tendency of fans to ship celebrities together, often of the same gender and somehow ended up on a very sobering issue that affects  gay individuals. Corrective rape is a heinous practice that happens in certain countries in the world, including South Africa.

Fanfiction and various fancommunities sneak into this topic as well.

Featured Artist

This week we discussed Gil of Leessang’s now ex-girlfriend, former Jewelry leader Park Jung Ah. She debuted with the aforementioned group in 2001, and up to her departure in 2009 was the sole remaining member of the original lineup.  They toiled in obscurity until their breakout hit in 2005, Superstar. The following year both Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young released solo albums and the group went on hiatus after the departure of members Mina and Jihyun.  After leaving Jewelry, Jung Ah has turned her attentions to acting and had two roles in dramas in 2010, in Smile Donghae and Prosecutor Princess, but she is an extremely talented vocalist. Her only solo effort, “Yeah” is a very r0ck-inspired pop album, and one that I love from top to bottom.


Super Star






Xman’s Dangyunhaji game ft. Jung Ah

Here’s an entire 70+ video playlist of Dangyunhaji segments from that show.

Opening Song: Teen Top – No More Perfume On You
Insert Songs:
Park Jung Ah – Yeah
Park Jung Ah – Stop the Tears
Closing Song: Hwanhee – All Day

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