ARKPop Podcast #47 - Who Hurt You?


The immortal question passed down through all of the rages.

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Kpop Power & Beauty concert featuring T-ARA, Davichi & Yangpa canceled.
Jay Park’s Choreography for no your name unfairly edited from this

to this

4Men to hold a “White Day After Party” concert. White day is the day where guys return the favors the girls extended to them on Valentine’s Day.

Debuts/Comebacks/New Releases
Korean American Rapper & frequent Epik High collaborator Dumbfounded released an EP for Valentine’s Day Love Everyday.
EXID (Shinsadong Tiger’s group) releases “Who’s That Girl?”

Miss A releases Touch

Big Bang to release new mini-album “Alive”

The Brave Girls will release a reissue of their previous album.
Dalmatian to have their comeback in March.

Other News:
JYJ’s documentary film “The Day” will be released through Lotte Cinemas.

Free Talk:
Originally we were going to dedicate all of this time to talk about Yoochun’s incident being caught on multiple cameras physically assaulting a fan. We don’t know who hit first, whether she provoked him or he acted unprovoked. We do know that he lashed out at her and pulled her hair. Regardless, his behavior was not okay or excusable, whether or not it took place 3 years ago. The fact that fans seem to excuse his behavior is disgusting. And we’ve had our share of people accusing us of buying in to the laughable conspiracy to destroy JYJ.

Sudden assault on all of our plans came when SNSD/Chocolat songwriter (how involved she is in the process is up for debate) and aspiring songstress, Korean American Jenny Hyun went on a vicious, racist assault on Boxer Floyd Mayweather after he made some ill-advised and presumably racism motivated comments directed at soon to be superstar Jeremy Lin. Her retorts started out directly aimed at Floyd Mayweather and soon hate-spiraled down into a vengeful, degrading tirade against all people of African descent. She ultimately ended with calling for the entire race to be exterminated. I wish I was kidding.
Read it here, and I’ll wait for you to finish.
Okay. These could be the mindless ramblings of a person clearly off her meds, or it could be an insight directly into one racist’s head. She apologized (one that didn’t even come close) and then later retracted it and was “admitted” into hospital for what we are to believe is a psychotic episode. However, that doesn’t change what she said. Even if she’s only tangentially related to Kpop, and as Tiger JK said, she’s not relevant in Korea & doesn’t speak for anyone.

That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be agitated about this and that it doesn’t deserve discussion. Had it taken place in a vacuum maybe it could be dismissed, but after the year we’ve had in Kpop? I don’t think so.
Opening Song: Block B – Nanlina
Closing song: Ailee – Heaven

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