ARKPop Episode 44 - Oppa Didn't Mean It


I’m surprised that at 44 episodes that’s the first time I had the opportunity to use that title.

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Big Show 2012 Information released.
Shinhwa to hold a comeback concert on March 24, at the Seoul Olympic Stadium
T-Ara fanclub to finally get an official name.
PLEDIS Boys are named NU’EST, because who needs to spell things properly when you can make backronyms?

Debuts/Comebacks/New Releases
Nell releases their teaser

Miryo’s first solo album

B2ST – I Knew It

4minute to return in February
BAP – Warrior

Baby Soul & Yoo Jia – She’s a flirt

Clazzi – Love & Hate

Brian Joo – Let This Die

JYJ’s Yoochun cast in Rooftop Prince

The Wonder Girls movie premieres in Los Angeles

Free Talk:
When asked what kind of father he would be Teen Top’s Leader CAP replied with the following nonsense

The title is sensationalist, but that is basically what he said. After his remark incited controversy he replied with a standard non-apology. The fans responded with their expected juvenile stupidity “It was a joke”, “Oppa didn’t mean it”, “Even if you don’t find it funny don’t get in the way of him making a joke” (all paraphrased and repeated by multiple users), not even realizing the dangers of excusing this way of thinking. Yes CAP is only 19 (21 in Korean Age), but he is not a child, and that does not excuse him and we chat a bit about parental discipline, sexism, and unfairness.
Disclaimer: Neither of us are parents.

Opening Song: Clazzi – 40 nights (with Hyun Sung and Sool Yun of THE KOXX)
Closing Song: SE7EN – Somebody Else

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