Chris Tharp - Conversation with a Busan based writer - Hagwon Startup Podcast/The Korea Podcast #60

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Chris Tharp is joining me on the tonight's episode of The Korea Podcast. Originally hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Chris Tharp has called South Korea home for a decade and a half now. He is the author of "Dispatches from the Peninsula" and "The Worst Motorcycle in Laos," both published by Hong Kong's Signal 8 Press. He a regular contributor to National Geographic Traveler UK, and his award-winning writing has appeared in Green Mountains Review, Foreign Literary Journal, enRoute Magazine, Matador Network, The San Diego Reader, and many others. He lives in Busan with his wife Minhee and a houseful of animals.

As to myself. I am an Expat with close to a decade and a half of ESL experience. I operate a private language school franchise in the city of Ulsan, South Korea and know a thing or two about starting and operating an ESL business in South Korea. In this podcast I share some of my ideas and knowledge with a wider audience and also hope to learn new things along the way. I hope to provide our viewers with insights on how to start a Hagwon in South Korea, discuss some pitfalls and success stories, and bring an overall awareness to the beginning and running of innovative companies.

Teaching English in Korea comes with a lot of challenges for both the teachers and owners. In discussions with our guests I try to cover as many topics related to Hagwon Startups and teaching English in Korea as well as globally as our combined experience of this field allows.

As the Living Korea channel matures, and the Hagwon Startup Podcast chugs along, my goal is to include more episodes, in which I get to talk to interesting people doing exciting things in South Korea, outside of their regular teaching professions.

Do expect the unexpected though, as we do not shy away from off- topic conversation.


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