Zumba Dance in Busan

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By Fiona Van Tyne

Working out is just that, work. Why not ditch the treadmill and join the new Latin dance inspired aerobics craze ZUMBA!

Zumba is a latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning, dance-fitness party! FEEL THE MUSIC, AND LET LOOSE!!!

Zumba photo

Before you start “Oh I can’t dance” “ I am too embarrassed” “I don’t like other people watching me”, expand your mind and remember that we all had to start from somewhere. Zumba classes are fun, not only because they are high energy but because no one in the room is looking at anyone else. They are looking at the instructor, or about how awesome they look in the mirror. They are a great way to relive stress and a good way to focus on only 1 thing for an hour.

Don’t worry men, we would never forget about you! Know that Zumba classes in Busan usually have an assortment of males, Korean and western alike. As long as you come in with a good attitude, you will have one of the best workouts in your life. No jokes.

Zumba party
Zumba Tag Team Party February 2013

With Zumba you can jam out to some music that you never thought you would like, hip hop, salsa, mergengue, raggaeton, pop, and more pop. As well as experience a wide range of International music you have never heard of all of which will leave you with a of feeling of being invincible. Zumba gives you an all mighty feeling that for 1 hour no one can judge you, and even if they do, why would you care? *Note that all Zumba classes take song recommendations as well!

The people in the classes are truly amazing, it is easy to make quick friends while jamming out to a mutually loved song, but the great thing is that social interaction expands past the classes, many people get food or coffee after class. Occasionally many participants will have a night out together sharing their love of Zumba with Busan clubs and if you have ever wanted to be apart of a FLASHMOB now is your chance! Besides it is a good motivation when you know you have someone counting on you to show up!

Dancing like no one is watching, a good cardio work out, and meeting new people are all really good reasons to join! Another would be the fact that it is not ridiculously expensive! 5,000 KRW for 1 class is all the instructors ask, but then the instructors take some of that money and donate it to charities in the area. So you are helping you local community by just showing up. If you have ever wanted to contribute and work out at the same time. Zumba in Busan is right for you.


Right now classes are held Mondays and Wednesdays and every other Saturday in Seomyeon look at the facebook page to see where the next class is being held. There are instructors that are getting trained to expand to other parts of the city! So if you want a class by you! Comment please!

The Facebook group will keep you updated with all other Zumba dance parties, and the link is here.

Just try 1 class! You will not be sorry!

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