Yangsan Sabryang Culture Festival – 양산삽량문화축제

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You never go long without going to a festival in Korea, but it seems like during the Spring and Fall there are festivals going on every single weekend! This weekend was no exception, but this time it was in our own backyard! This weekend was the Yangsan festival, and although we had not originally planned on going, I’m so glad we did!

We had planned on going to Jinju with our friend Liz for the famous Jinju Lantern Festival. We had already bought train tickets, and Liz was waiting for us at the station. We left earlier than we would have because she was already waiting at the station. But when we made our way outside, the streets in our neighborhood were full of people. This is not usual, we live in a small neighborhood on the side of a mountain. But there were people everywhere! And absolutely NO taxis or buses. The sign that tells you when the upcoming bus is arriving read (50 minutes). I was so shocked. We waited and waited, until the time had past for our train to Jinju to leave. We missed our train.

We quickly decided to follow the crowds and meet Liz at the Yangsan Festival! It turns out that there were huge crowds because some K-pop stars were performing! Ailee and BIXX? I knew a few of Ailee’s songs, and even though I’m not a big K-pop fan it was exciting to see a live Kpop concert. :P We didn’t add in those clips in this video, but we may do a separate video for those clips later.

The festival itself was mostly a lot of food tents, which If I had planned to go ahead of time I wouldn’t have eaten! The food looked delicious. Around 10 there was a fireworks display, which by far was the best part. Fireworks shows in Korea are so much more impressive than back home! ^^

The best place for pictures was definitely the wish lantern tunnel, a trademark of every good Korean festival. We ended up running into a lot of the expat community in Yangsan, and we snapped a few good photos! :)

Friends in the lantern tunnel!

Evan walking through the tunnel

Heart-shaped fireworks <3

An impressive display for a small city! :)

To see the rest of our pictures from the festival, check out our flickr page here.

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