The World Famous (but all too infrequent) If I Had A Minute To Spare Global Caption Competition of Death and Love with a Cherry on Top

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Yes, it has been a while, but fortunately you may all rest easy, the If I Had A Minute To Spare  Global Caption Competition of Love and Death has returned, this time with a cherry on top. They cherry, you ask, is an  extra caption to be competitive about.

We’ll be staying local – as in Ireland wise – with a picture that has graced the front page of both The Irish Times and The Irish Bindependent:

Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny and French President Nicolas Sarkozy are featured. Please provide a line:


And your bonus image this week features, again, Nicolas Sarkozy (he’s very photogenic), this time in “conversation” with US President Barack Obama at the G8 summit a while back – I know it’s a little late but I only came across this photo recently.

(In case you are wondering, I think that is China’s Central Bank governer Zhou Xiaochuoan, who appeared in a previous caption competition. I’ve no idea who the black guy between Sarkozy and Obama is)

As always, the winner of the competition will get a free subscription to If I Had A Minute To Spare and a pat on the back from me.

May the best caption win!!!


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