Where The Heck Have I Been?

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It’s been just over a month since I last wrote, I haven’t gone this long without writing in over a year, if not more.  So, where the heck have I been?

The truth is, nowhere.  I’ve been right here.  But there have been a few reasons why I haven’t written in a long while.  I’ve met some people in my life who seem to write best or become creatively inspired when they are upset or unhappy.  I am not one of those people.  I find when I’m stressed or upset, I don’t feel like pouring my thoughts out onto a page (or more accurately, a screen).  This past month has been a very hectic, dynamic, and at times an extremely stressful month.

So what have I been doing?

House sitting and cat sitting:


The cat ended up getting sick towards the end of the month and for a few days I was very worried and stressed over what had happened (He’s all better now).



A Kindergarten Graduation that was probably fancier than my prom also added to the stress knots in my shoulders. At least I wasn’t the only one feeling overwhelmed and a bit flustered.

Saying Goodbye to Wonderful Friends:


Since March is the start of the new school year in Korea, the end of February often means a lot of goodbyes.  And thankfully a more than a few ‘see you laters’ and an exciting ‘see you when I visit in Japan’ from Heather and Beau.


Saying Hello to a Returning Old Friend:


Not everything this month has been bad, and my friend John’s return was a definite mark in the plus column.

I moved!:


I moved down only one flight of stairs to a slightly bigger apartment, but I did it in a day with almost no notice by myself (hence the giant mess, it doesn’t look like this anymore- I promise.)

I got my bike fixed:


With Spring beginning to awaken here in Korea, my bike’s tire is now fixed and I am back in love with my pink wheels.

A New Class:


Also since my Kindergarteners have graduated to 1st grade, I now have a brand new class of kids who are 2 years younger than what I was used to teaching.  It’s been a big change and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that my confidence has been shaken by all the change and how very young my new students seem. 9 of these little ones are mine this year (9 kids who in America will turn 5 this year).


That with new co-workers, a bunch (4) of wonderful birthday parties in the past few weeks, and general start of school busyness are a few reasons why I haven’t been blogging much lately.  I needed a bit of a break for sure.

I’m sorry for the late responses to comments and questions.  Thank you all for sticking with me, and a special thank you so much to Kristi for checking on me to make sure I was okay.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things, and I hope everyone has had a good month while I was ‘gone’.

From Busan with Love,

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