When Is the Palm Pre Coming to Korea?

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I’m in no way tech-savvy, but I don’t like the iPhone, and somehow I’m just not optimistic about a Google phone. I want my Palm back! I’m surprised, then, about how South Korean companies are lining up behind the two rivals for combat.

KT has decided to bring the Nexus One, considered the chief competition to Galaxy S, into the domestic market. With SK Telecom recently joining hands with Galaxy S manufacturer Samsung to open an offensive on the iPhone, KT has decided to do battle with the Nexus One, known as the “original Android phone,” until the next generation iPhone is released.

“We plan to launch the Nexus One in mid-June,” said KT Chairman Lee Suk-chae during a press conference to mark the one-year anniversary of the merger of KT and KTF at KT’s headquarters in Seoul’s Gwanghwamun on Monday. KT will sell the phone online from mid-June and through KT dealerships starting in July.

…This decision is indicative of KT’s strong will to take on the alliance of SK and Samsung Electronics. In fact, the timing of KT’s Nexus One distribution launch in mid-June happens to coincide with SK‘s distribution launch of the Galaxy S. In response, SK and Samsung have responded by attaching no particular meaning to it.

…Meanwhile, KT is looking to continue its advantage of possessing both strong wired and wireless networks since the merger. To do this, KT plans to allow users to use wireless Internet through a wireless LAN on subways, buses and cruise ships from October by use of Egg, which converts WiBro into WiFi. Moreover, Samsung and Intel have invested 320 billion Won ($265 million) to jointly form a a WiBro investment company to expand the WiBro service area. KT also said Monday it plans to create a 100 billion Won fund to support software and mobile content development firms.

Yet, like Robert Wright below, I have fond memories of a Palm product, and ample facility with Palm OS. I want my Palm back! Is that a good decision?

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