What to do with your body data? i.e. counting and graphing the steps goals easily and steadily!

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Don't worry about this being about women and babies;
but this is from a TED talk here:

Talithia Williams: Own your body's data


The new breed of high-tech self-monitors (measuring heartrate, sleep, steps per day) might seem targeted at competitive athletes. But Talithia Williams, a statistician, makes a compelling case that all of us should be measuring and recording simple data about our bodies every day — because our own data can reveal much more than even our doctors may know.

And the point is that application on the phone are just crap for looking at data and graphing them.
You don't have ready access to them. But if you just do a template like this for steps taken each day, and at the end of each day (or even if you don't do it everyday, you can just have a look once a week) and just look back and check how many steps you did, draw a dot, connect the lines and bam you got a graph all ready with accessible data with as little as 10 seconds for one days data.

I want to have easily catchable and manipulable data; not some stuff that stuck inside the phone with crappy graphs that you can't see or read easily.
This kind of data you can also do with the Calorie balance.
Which is gotta be the most important part of calculating the direction and flow of your body either going to make more fat, make less fat, or burn lots of fat, or burn a little fat.
Your body is always trying to be in homeostatis, and takes a long time for trends to come out - you need to look back at a couple months of data to see what is happening - gaining fat/losing fat, etc.
But if you do a chart like this (make a template and just print it out everyday); you can easily chart it everyday and see how you are heading and COURSE CORRECT.

That's the point. By the time you have time to think and look back (without doing this kind of chart) you're already a fat fat fatty and having to do something drastic to get back on course.
But the problem with checking everyday is about EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT TO THE DATA.
So perhaps it's best just to do it on a Friday or Sunday (probably Friday is better) and just do 7 days and see the trend then. That way it's less about emotional attachment and more just reviewing some data - this is the most difficult part -> not becoming attached to the data. You have to look from mindfulness - think buddhism and meditation.

So to do:
- Make template to print out.
- Graph data of CALORIE BALANCE & steps taken each day to measure and graph.

-> Calorie balance is best to be viewed as a seesaw instead of a vertical graph.
So instead of the above graph, turn it on it's side; express each side of the seesaw as a percentage, and the part which goes beyond 50% graph how much extra it is you were either under or over in calories.
That will express how much you are doing well, or how much you are going over (and therefore should take steps to change the direction of your habits and reduce to the 20% calorie reduction zone).

More on Calorie Balance here.

And another one for you:

(Which makes me think that I should also do hours slept as well -> as a measurement to see what time I sleep and what time I wakeup; If small time then I went to bed too late; and if long time, then I went to bed at early good time. Done haha).

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