An update on what I’ve been writing as of late.

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I haven’t been as prolific here as of late. Had other stuff to write about. Not making excuses or apologising, I’m just saying, that’s all.

Anyway, there’s a course that I’m supposed to be doing. But, I seem to be not doing so much of it as I have been doing other stuff.

In January there will be an article from me in both Groove Magazine and 10 Magazine. There should also be two more articles again in both of these magazines for February.

For those who like to turn their nose up at the general quality of both of these (although Groove has been becoming a little more interesting lately) there could be something by me in The Three Wise Monkeys this Monday. I am expecting a mixed reaction from readers.

The big news for me though is that I had a small article posted on where I talk about the importance of blogging for improving my writing. is a website for writers in Ireland that offers advice and tips on all aspects of writing. I quite chuffed with myself as the site is associated with UNESCO because of Dublin’s City of Literature status, and it’s also a national archive of sorts.

Keeping up the perseverance is starting to pay off.


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