A Typhoon never stopped us

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Last Sunday as Typhoon Sanba was making its way towards Busan, we were invited out for a day of exploration by my students and friends Soon Chul and Elin. Chul picked us up in his very cool hybrid and we headed off to the coast. Taejongdae

We had quite the hike up a paved path, in the rain. Elin and I struggled (I swear Lil’ is taking so much of my energy away from me). We made it up and around the coast and eventually spotted the lighthouse in the distance.

As we climbed out to the light house the winds picked up and I felt like we were in some sailor movie awaiting “the big one.” I felt like I needed one of those long skinny binoculars to look for whales and pirate ships.

After braving the storm we headed indoors to the new National Maritime Museum. It was a pretty awesome place. It definitely had a kids “wing” and an adults “wing. The kids wing was full of fun things like a small walk through aquarium, a place where you can virtually drive sail boats, a hands on pond where you can pick up star fish, and a boat racing area.

The adults side had tons of Korean history, almost all with English translations. And, I think the coolest part was the models. Busan is a huge export/import city with shipping as a major industry. Here you could see models of all the different types of carrier ships. The museum is free and is a really nice stop in Busan, especially on a rainy day

 (anytime a stranger so graciously helps us by taking our picture, it always comes out blurry)

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