Top 6 destinations to travel this summer in Korea

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Korea is among the world best destinations since it offers a variety of experiences. This ranges from tourist attraction sites, entertainment sports and other fun activities. The country is surrounded by beautiful mountains, cultural activities, surrounding oceans and historical places. Here are the top 6 destinations to travel this summer in Korea for people on tourism and other business activities.

The Buddhist temples of Korea

If you are planning to visit Korea this summer, the first attraction point to take a tour of is the countries Buddhist temples. The Buddhist temples are build inside the mountain territories, deep inside thus giving one more adventure. The temple of Haeinsa is among the best choice you have to visit this summer. In fact, it is among the best three. Inside, you will get the Tripitaka Koreana, considered the national treasure. Other temples include Songgwansa, Hedond Yonggunsa and Tongdosa temples.

Korean Buddhist Temple

Korean Folk and Hahoe Andong villages

If you are going to visit Korea this summer, you have to sample out the ancient Korean lifestyle by visiting the villages. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn on their traditional homes, their traditional games and sample their own folk traditions. The homes built in Hahoe represent the typical traditional homes. You can also spend the night in one of the houses. Early at 3am, engage in Byeolsingut exorcism activities.

Hahoe Village near Andong South Korea

Busan city

Busan is the second biggest city in Seoul. It is a coastal town with many fun activities to engage in with friends. One experience you will love about this coastal city is the number of beaches like the Songjung, Gwanganli and Haeundae. Enjoy sitting in the sand beach or watching the sun set. The city is also blessed with the best seafood market, where you can choose what to take. Make sure you get the local Suju.

Jeju Island

If you love to visit Islands, Jeju is the place to be. It has been classified as a UNESCO heritage place. It has a good history for its formation from the volcanic eruptions. It is among the naturally beautiful places with a variety of unique mystery to sample out. Get to know of the wizard activities in Lake Baekrokdan, near the Hallasan Mountains. Visit the lava caves of Geomun Oreum with many years of activities. Watch the big lake at the top of Sunrise Peak.

Then Seorak Mountain

If you want to spend your summer visit in Korea, then make the visit to Seorak San. The mountain is only three hours drive from the capital Seoul, located in the Eastern side in Gangwon province. The first thing to enjoy seeing is the maples, with a variety of colors. On the way to the mountain, there are good views to sample out. Enjoy the hiking experience to the mountain.

The tour of DMZ

This summer, make the important decision of getting the Korean tax credits phone number, then take the DMZ tour. Here, you will be in position to see what separates the north and south. Since this is restricted by the countries, it is one of the best-undisturbed places in Korea. Armed soldiers heavily guard it. Here, you will get to see unique plants and animals. Take a telescope and watch the residents of Korea North, as they are busy with their lives.


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