Top 5 delightful destinations in Korea

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Korea has been one of the most loved tourist destinations by the people all over the world. The tourist attractions for one in Korea are ample and provide one with all kinds of fun and pleasurable activities to attain total leisure and an optimum level of enjoyment of one’s holiday. Though there are many available options as tourist spot that are fun to visit and have pure luxury and joy, all the individuals visiting Korea are advised to visit some of the top most must visit locations of Korea as they are considered not be missed upon when travelling to Korea due to their wonderful hospitality and ultimate fun that they happen to provide to the tourist. Some of the top most delightful destinations of Korea are mentioned below:

1. Jindo (Jin Island)

An island is always fun to be at and as it offers pure relaxation and fun along with rejuvenation to all the visitors. Jindo Island happens to be one such island which not only cater to these needs but takes the fun of recreation to an all new level with the amazing level of scenic and atmospheric beauty linked with this place.

2. Busan

Busan situated in South Korea is one of the most revered and loved places to be visited in Korea itself. One of the world’s most technologically advanced city Busan provides ultimate luxury and the ultimate comfort of stay to all the tourists visiting here. One of the peak attractions of this place happens to be the amazing beach of this city, the Haeundae beach. This beach is one of the most famous beaches not just in Korea but all over the world as well due to amalgamation of technology as well and provides wonderful water sport fun to all of the tourists visiting here.

3. Mt. Seorak (Seorak San)

Mountains always make of for some of the best possible scenic views everywhere in the world and similar are the case with this wonderful mountain of Korea named as the Mt. Seorak. This place happens to provide an amazing view of nature and gives an experience similar to none with the amazing beauty and the best view from that height.

4. Jeju Island (Jeju do)

Another wonderful island of Korea happens to provide and cater to all of the most wanted requirements that one may need upon visiting this place. It provides a theatrical experience due to its wonderful scenic nature and the capture able view of horizon just through one’s eyes only. One can visit this Jeju Island itself and enjoy the fun of a theatre itself as the London theatre tickets are very costly indeed as well to go and enjoy theatre.

5. Taean Bando (Taean peninsula)

A peninsula is one of the delights of an individual visiting Korea or any other tourist destination for that matter. This peninsula is more promising than any other and provides a scenic view that fulfils the journey completely.

All the tourists are advised to must visit these top 5 delightful destinations in Korea.

Author Bio: This guest post is contributed by Lucy Daniel on behalf of boxoffice  aspiring filmmaker and collector of super hero memorabilia! She also enjoy cooking and occasionally, sketching.


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