Time to take the Nah out of NaPoWriMo!

Printer-friendly versionIt's beginning to feel that every time I post I have to start with an apology for being gone so long. At this point, is there really a...point? Does anyone really expect me to stick to a schedule, when I've never proven myself able to do such a thing? This distracting sidetracking is why I never get anything written, no doubt.

It's been a weird few months. I'm in a rut, just auto-piloting between school and work and work and Korean class and school. I know something needs to change in my life, but until I'm absolutely sure what it is, I don't want to do anything big. Hell, I'm even keeping myself from cutting my hair or changing the color drastically, which is a big step for me.

So, to give myself a bit of a project with which to drag myself out of this hole of apathy I've dug myself into, I'm going to do National Poetry Writing Month, or NaPoWriMo! I've always been envious of my friends doing NaNoWriMo since novels are just...not my thing, and while NaPoWriMo isn't nearly as big as it's older cousin, I think it'll be a good exercise.

So, you can look forward to a month of my scribblings and scratchings.

Happy April!

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Middle school ESL teacher, lover of pink, eater of kimchi, addicted to Etude House, expert procrastinator, meeter of 2-dimensionial popstars: Ana. That's me.

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